We will do our best to discard mould from areas, however, it is possible that mould will be embedded into the grout, silicon, and other areas. If this is the case, these areas will require services offered by a specialist in order to revert back to their original state. Damp spots can occur anywhere in the house, often affecting the ‘drywall’ plaster. We also do our best to treat these damp spots, however, it is not possible to completely make these spots disappear. Excess moisture can cause these spots to reappear.


Complete Wall Clean

We provide wall spot cleaning for insect markings as mentioned, however, a complete wall washing/cleaning requires additional time and does not always yield a different result. If marks exist beyond the usual ‘wear and tear’, a full wall washing/cleaning is required.



We will put our best efforts into cleaning all items within our commercial experience, however, discolouration occurs with the usual wear and tear of the property.

Toilets, grout, and plastics can become discoloured, usually in yellow colouring, over time. In this case, the original colour cannot be restored without specialist intervention.


Tile and natural rock stains

Our best efforts will be put into removing stains, however, due to the composition of some tiles or benchtops—some being extremely porous— stains can only be removed with specialist intervention.



We do not clean ceilings.


Dangerous Areas

Our cleaners may deem some areas too dangerous to perform cleaning operations. These areas include broken and/or cracked power points/ switches, bio waste, rubbish, or any other hazard that may be considered dangerous.


Patios and balconies (unless agreed in writing)


Our cleaners do not clean at heights. Cleaning that requires a ladder is not permitted. For example, windows on the second floor of a unit complex.


Garage Walls

We do not clean Garage walls or floors (unless by previous written agreement)


Specialist Services

Areas that need special cleaning equipment, specialist chemicals, or a trained technician. Examples include pressure cleaners (grease on the garage floor), painters (walls in poor condition), or plasterers (holes in walls).


Additional items

Items such as refrigerators, furniture, or any items not listed in the inclusions will not be cleaned unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in writing.



Some exclusions are that blinds may require professional servicing or additional time for the cleaner (unless previously agreed upon).



Our services include bathroom grout cleaning, however, grout that is throughout the property is not a part of our standard bond cleaning.

Carpets: Stain removal is often determined by many factors: the fibre of the carpet, the stain, and whether anything has been used on the stain prior to our cleaner’s arrival. Stains are things that take away from a fibre (ie: cannot be replaced). Generally speaking, spots are things that are added to the fibre and can be removed. Nylon is often dyed with the same dye type as food colouring, so if anything drops onto the carpet that has food colouring in it, it will often dye the carpet. Wool comes with its own challenges. We do not guarantee stain removal.

Note: Once You book our services You hereby agree to our terms and conditions.