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Efficient Team Of Mattress Cleaners In Brisbane

Healthy sleep is a factor determining the parameters of mental and physical health. A mattress that is not clean can be a breeding ground for countless germs, fungi, and bacteria. These can be pathogens that can cause several health hazards to you and your family. These germs along with residues of dead skin, urine, and sweat will cause odours that can disturb your sleep. Regular usage of mattresses for a long time can make them uncomfortable and unhealthy to sleep on. It is important to get your mattress cleaned by professional cleaners to ensure complete hygiene and longevity of the mattress. Ozclean delivers to you the best mattress cleaning in Brisbane. We have the expertise to restore your mattress to a brand-new state. You can ensure the health of your family by choosing our professional mattress cleaning service in Brisbane. Our efficient cleaning team is ever-ready to address the mattress cleaning needs of people in Brisbane. With our experience in cleaning mattresses and sanitizing them, you get your comfortable and well-rested nights back.

We can attend to mattresses of all sizes and make them fresh and new. Our mattress cleaning services in Brisbane are affordable, reliable and budget-friendly. You can reach us 24x7 and book an appointment for a time slot that is convenient to you. Our customer care is available even on weekends so you will never have to wait to process the order. We value your time and do everything we can to make the whole process go smoothly.

Our team of experts are experienced professionals and can work with or without supervision. They are well-trained to handle both residential as well are commercial projects.

Why Choose Ozclean’s Mattress Cleaning?


Restored Hygiene

We hire only the best cleaners to undertake mattress cleaning services in Brisbane. All our techniques are proven to be efficient, and we are equipped with specially designed and engineered machinery. Whether it is a single-size, double-size, king-size, or queen-size bed, our professionals can clean it to spotless perfection for you. We deep clean your bed and make sure that there are no bed bugs, mites or dirt left.

Then, we sanitize it so that your family gets healthy sleep. Finally, we use a few aromatic perfumes to give your mattress a fresh feel, so you can calm down and relax after a busy day. You can be assured that our cleaners will never cause any damage to your mattress and that it will be clean and free of dust and allergens.

Affordable Services

If you are hesitant to hire efficient mattress cleaners in Brisbane to perform professional mattress cleaning due to the fear of huge expenses, fret not. Ozclean delivers the best mattress cleaners at the most affordable rates. Using our free quote option, you can let us know about the state of your mattress first. Our executives will come and inspect it before cleaning.

They will fill you in on the treatment that your mattress needs. This way, you can obtain the costs before cleaning. We use the latest technology for all our equipment and professionally trained cleaners to clean in the most efficient and fast way for all our services. So, our mattress cleaning rates are the best in Brisbane.
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Efficient Customer Care

Ozclean’s values are deep-rooted in achieving customer satisfaction without fail. We never make any adjustments or compromises when it comes to providing the best services to our clients. You need not worry about time when it comes to reaching out for our assistance and booking our services.

We work 24*7, all days a week, and will never charge you extra for weekend services. Our executives will help you with any questions or doubts about all cleaning services including carpet and mattress cleaning. We will guide you through the entire process of any cleaning service that you need.
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Benefits Of Professional Mattress Cleaning

Your sleep is a great determining factor in the lifestyle you live. When you get a good night’s sleep on a clean and hygienic mattress, you wake up the next day feeling fresh. Therefore your mattress can kickstart a good start to your day. So, keeping your mattress in perfect condition is essential for your mental and physical health. Most people invest in good mattresses considering this. But, the comfort and cosiness of your new mattress won’t last long if you don’t take proper care of it. You might be changing your bedding regularly, vacuum cleaning the bed, and using DIY tricks for removing accidental stains, but you cannot retain the mattress in its best condition with that alone.

You need the help of a professional mattress cleaner to ensure a longer life for your mattress. We use mattresses every day and dust from our bodies can accumulate over time. Sweat, coffee spills, urine, and pet furs can cause odours and allergies. These cannot be cleaned or removed completely by normal cleaning. Professional cleaners have the latest equipment, high-quality cleaning solutions, and techniques. These can be costly and it is not practical for common people to buy such equipment for mattress cleaning. So, even if you are someone who regularly cleans your mattress by yourself, getting the mattress professionally cleaned at least twice a year can retain its condition. Since Brisbane is a growing city, people are busy with everyday life and work. If you are a busy person who doesn’t have time for cleaning your mattress, getting the help of a professional mattress cleaner more often can take care of your sleep and rest.

It is always better to hire a professional mattress cleaner to remove accidental coffee stains, pet urine, and faeces on your mattress. Trying to clean it yourself with baking soda and other tricks might damage your mattress and cause more trouble. Professional mattress cleaners like Ozclean provide services 24×7 and can help you get that tough stain out of your mishap and save your day fast. Cleaning is not just about dust and dirt on the mattress. Bed bugs, bacteria, and mites are some of the parasites that can disturb your sleep and affect your health. If left untreated, they can multiply and damage your mattress and health. Professional mattress cleaners know methods like steam cleaning the mattress and the right technology to effectively remove these pests without damaging your mattress. To restore hygiene, they will also sanitize the mattress after cleaning it.

We at Ozclean invest our manpower in the right cleaning processes and work to their full capacity to restore your good sleep. We try to incorporate revolutionary aromatherapy in our cleaning process. Our final steps include deodorizing your mattress with aromatic lavender extracts to give you a relaxed feeling when using the mattress. Our high-powered vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning service make your mattress free from dust, dirt, and molds. We ensure that your mattress is ready for you by cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing it so that you can go about having your perfect day after a good night’s sleep.

General Mattress Cleaning Processes


  • We recommend that you carry out an in-depth check on the state of your mattress.
  • Understanding the condition and nature of your mattress will be of great help when it comes to formulating the right techniques for cleaning them.
  • We provide free inspection service and you can reach out to us to avail of it. We clean all sizes of beds, be they king-size, double-size, queen-size, or single-size.


  • We undertake vacuum cleaning of your mattress to clean out the dust, dirt, and stains from the interior layers of the bed.
  • The vacuum cleaning method is effective in cleaning out physical particles like molds, dust, or dirt.
  • Apart from vacuum cleaning, we use other cleaning methods depending on the nature and texture of your mattress.


  • Cleaning is incomplete with the process of decontamination. This process is integral as it ensures that your mattress is free from all sorts of germs and microbes.
  • This process will help prevent you from getting allergies to the mattress.
  • It is then followed by services like neutralization, deodorization, and sanitization.


  • We use the best technology tools and machinery to dry out your mattress.
  • This is a crucial process because incomplete drying can damage the foam in your mattress. It will also lead to the breeding of microbes and germs inside the mattress.
  • Our team makes sure that your mattress is completely clean, secure, and in perfect condition.


When we say Brisbane, we mean every nook and corner of it. Our high quality, perfectly designed bond cleaning services are available at your doorstep in Brisbane and all nearby suburbs. We are just a phone call away.


Frequently Asked Questions

Professional cleaning must be done regularly, but the time varies for each type of mattress, Some mattresses require cleaning every two months while it can be every six months for others. It depends on how the mattress is used and how well it is maintained. When you believe your mattress needs additional cleaning, it is necessary to enlist the aid of a cleaning service.

Although routine mattress cleaning is essential, it is insufficient on its own. Cleaning mattresses by oneself can frequently be a very challenging and time-consuming chore. It can damage your mattress and make its condition worse if done incorrectly. Due to their expertise and access to the necessary equipment, we advise you to seek the assistance of professional cleaners.

Regrettably, we do not fix or replace any broken mattresses. Your mattress will only undergo thorough cleaning from us to ensure it is clean and contaminant-free. We also disinfect, deodorize, and infuse your mattress with lavender oils. If your mattress is damaged, it is always better to purchase a new one.

The entire cleaning process will not take longer than a day, but the amount of time varies according to the material of the mattress, the number of stains and dirt on it and many other factors. Our cleaning staff are well experienced and well trained to complete the process in the most efficient way possible.

Given today's technology, anything is possible. Our cleaning crew makes sure that your priceless mattresses receive the proper attention and are properly cleaned using the best techniques available. We are experts in the Hot Water Extraction (HWE) technique, which is exactly what we require to clean a memory foam mattress.

The amount of time it takes for a mattress to dry depends on the cleaning strategy employed. The mattress would dry much more quickly if it were cleaned using the hot water extraction technique. The time it takes for the mattress to dry with the steam cleaning method may range from 4 to 6 hours if not more. The degree of humidity in the air also has a significant impact on it.

When it comes to providing its customers with an elite-class cleaning service, Ozclean never makes any substitutions or alterations. However, we would never charge you a hefty fee as our service fee. Our pricing is carefully structured to ensure that our customers can afford mattress cleaning at fair prices.

All of our cleaners are trained and experienced in the mattress cleaning procedure. To provide the ideal services for you, we make sure to use the newest technology currently in use together with the appropriate procedures. The composition of your mattress will determine the cleaning technique we employ.

Along with dead cells and dust mites, stains that won't go away can also be a big problem. The stains might spread many layers deep into the mattress, and rinsing it out could result in moisture buildup and mould growth. Your mattress will be thoroughly cleaned by a team of professional and qualified cleaners from Ozclean. Even the most difficult stains can be eliminated with the help of modern technologies.