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The way your curtains and blinds are kept will have a role in deciding how appealing your property looks. Ozclean’s Curtain Cleaning in Gold Coast offers customized cleaning solutions based on the nature and quality of your curtain fabric. We make sure that your curtains and blinds are cleaned, sanitized, and deodorized to revamp your space. Our services make sure that you and your dear ones stay away from the health issues unclean curtains pose. Your well-being is always our priority.

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What We Offer


We will require to know the details and state of your curtain and blind fabrics prior to the cleaning. This is to formulate the right measures required to clean them effectively. To help you in figuring out these, we do provide a free inspection service that you can avail of if required.

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We resort to both steam and dry cleaning procedures according to its requirement. Steam cleaning is usually used in extracting dirt from deep layers of your fabric. We make sure to clean them ensuring that the freshness is restored.

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The cleaning process will kickstart with treating the stains first. Our team will figure out all the stains in your curtains and blinds and fix them using the best cleaning solutions. These stains will vanish without causing any damage to your fabric.

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Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we make sure that our procedures are completed with impeccable results. We inspect the cleaned curtains and blinds to ensure that they are in perfect form. You can always reach out to Ozclean if you need our guidance after the procedure.


100% Clean Guarantee

Our satisfied list of clientele proofs the point that we invest 100% of our resources to deliver the best curtain cleaning experience to all our clients. To guarantee the quality of results we take in only the best and expert cleaners in our squad. They will make your curtains shine just as new.

Pricing that fits every budget

With the quality of services that we offer, we also make sure to see that a majority population in Gold Coast gets to afford our services. Our quotes were made extremely affordable, free of any hidden costs or additional charges. You can avail of our weekend day services without having to pay any extra.

Anytime Assistance and Service

Customer assistance and services are incomplete or irrelevant if they are not provided or accessible on time. We cover that too. Our customer care services are available and functional throughout the week for 24 hours. In case of emergency situations, we do provide you services right away.

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  • Curtain and blind fabrics usually develop the tendency to attract and carry dust and dirt with allergen properties. These could be pollens that cause allergies in most people.
  • Curtain fabrics also tend to corrode and cause fabric dust that can aggravate skin irritations causing rashes, pimples, or breakouts.
  • The air coming from your windows passes through the curtains and blinds. All the dust the air carrier will get caught in these and they will worsen without regular cleaning.
  • To ensure the durability of your curtains and blinds, curtain cleaning is a very important and necessary step.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire curtain cleaning process depends on the fabric of your curtain. Our professional cleaners are trained to identify and apply the best method in order to ensure minimal risk of damage.

The duration of the cleaning process will depend on the type of material your curtain is made of, the size of the curtains and the method implemented for cleaning. Our professional cleaners will give you a Free Quote before they begin the cleaning process.

In order to maintain the beauty of your curtains and to maintain a healthy environment inside, experts recommend cleaning your curtains every month or two. But it varies a lot depending upon the exposure and where you use it.

We Cover All The Suburbs In Gold Coast

When we say Gold Coast, we mean every nook and corner of it. Our high quality, perfectly designed bond cleaning services are available at your doorstep in Gold Coast and all nearby suburbs. We are just a phone call away.