A safe choice for cleaning services in Canberra

A perfectly cleaned and hygienic environment is required for every person in the home that maybe kids or pets to the patients or the employees in the company. If you want to ensure such a perfect and favorable environment which is not only safer for the people around but also can complement your works in an effective way in Canberra, then professional services like ozclean is a smart choice.

We, at ozclean, provide all kinds of cleaning services to the residential and commercial fields covering all kinds of essential requirements from households or companies. The latest equipment and eco-friendly products are used to provide effective yet safer cleaning services that ensure the best outcomes thus meeting the expectations of our clients from every perspective.

What do we ensure?

  • A clean and safe environment: – The equipment and cleaning products used by ozclean are completely safe and eco-friendly, which ensures a comfortable and safe environment. Besides, we also run allergen tests after cleaning that guarantees no allergens or residue are left behind. You can be ensured of the best results in making your cleaned area safe and clean from all aspects.
  • Complete dust and stain removal: – We provide both dust and stain removal services from leather seats, carpets, curtains, and mattress no matter what type of stain it is. Different types of products accompanied by equipment are used to ensure the best results from stain removal.
  • Damage restoration: – Damages done by pets or any external damages that are fading the color of the mattress of leather seats or dark spots that can’t be removed with conventional cleaning procedure is restored by using different cleaning techniques and effective cleaning products.
  • Perfect mattress and carpet cleaning: – The most effective cleaning procedure is used to ensure the clean state of the mattress without leaving any residue or allergens behind. This is favorable for patients who are prone to the effects of such allergens due to less immunity.
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