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A professional home cleaning service is always a better choice if you are about to clean complex possessions or shifting to a new home.  And when you get your back with the most affordable home cleaning services in Adelaide, then you can surely take a breath and look at your job getting done effortlessly and saving a lot of time.

ozclean is one such reputed cleaning company in Adelaide that can meet your expectations in the cleaning services from all aspects. We provide all kinds of essential cleaning services like curtain cleaning, carpet cleaning and blinds cleaning etc. Our services also include sanitizing and cleaning too which is involved in mattress cleaning and couch cleaning to maintain hygienic environmental conditions for mainly pets and kids.

At ozclean, our services also extend to some complex cleaning services such as car seat cleaning services and exterior house washing services which are required by the working households these days.

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Our cleaning expertise

  • Dust removal: – We provide a wide range of specially crafted techniques for all kinds of domestic and commercial utilities such as carpets, curtains, blinds, office windows, desk and mattress as well. Eco friendly products and efficient dust removal cleaning equipments are used to ensure not a single dust particle is left behind even in grouts.
  • Stain removal: – Effective cleaning products and latest equipments are used to remove hard stains, grease stains and pet stains ensuring no residue is left behind.
  • Deodorizing: – With our cleaning services we are also active in removing odors from the stains or water stagnancy. High quality deodorizing agents are used to provide a fresh feel of rooms and cabins in Adelaide.
  • Sanitizing: – We completely take care of the sanitization while cleaning the floor, couch or mattress to make it safe for patients. Kids or pets by using allergen tests as well.
  • Damage restoration: – Starting from the complex damage restoration of carpets, curtains and mattresses to the damage made by grease on the leather seat and upholstery, everything is restored effectively.

Contact us for every cleaning requirement in the residential or commercial fields and a dedicated team with all cleaning equipment will be assigned within the specified time in Adelaide.

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