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calander March 17, 2022
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Cleaning the dishwasher poses its own challenges. It is one of those important appliances at home that is often related to a lot of questions. Loading, unloading, hold capacity, wash cycle, and many questions often linger around it. No matter how much we do the research there is never a perfect answer to many questions. But if we follow some simple rules, the whole process can go smoothly.

Fix Extra Dirty Dishes

It would be unwise to load a heavily dirty dish into the dishwater. There is a good chance that it will come out without achieving the desired result. It is very useful to apply a detergent solution to the dishes before loading them. Mix the dishwasher detergent and water, load it in a spray bottle and apply them on the heavily soiled dish. Once this is loaded and goes through a complete cleaning cycle, the results are normally as good as possible.

Fix the Spray Arms

A Dishwasher works the best when there is a good flow of water. Due to various reasons, there could be some accumulation in the dishwasher’s spray arms causing clogging and less inlet of water. This can be noticed if the dishes come out less clean than they used to before for the same kind of input.

In such cases, visually inspect the spray arms through which water enters the dishwasher and clean them with a toothpick or a hairpin. Unclog and check the water flow before using the dishwasher for a full cleaning cycle.

Make sure to make this check from time to time for the perfect functioning of the dishwasher.

Unload from the Bottom Rack

Unloading from the bottom will help ensure that there is no dripping of water from dishes to the dishes stacked into the bottom level. They are clean and are supposed to remain so. If we try to vacate the rack from the top, this is not possible. Maintain this order whenever possible and try to keep the dishes clean and dry.

Prevent Water Spots

It is normal to have water spots once the dishware goes through a cleaning cycle. This is normally something we do not care much about because it is a regular mess that we cannot avoid. But do you know that we can use white vinegar to effectively stop this?

Make sure to place a small dish with one cup of white vinegar in the center of the top rack. We can vary the amount of white vinegar used according to the load we have in the dishwasher. White vinegar not only helps give us cleaner dishware but also has disinfectant properties. Bad smells and cloudy glasses are an old story with this technique in use.

Clean Regularly

A dishwasher is like any regular appliance at home. It needs proper maintenance and care. Especially because it can contain traces of food and cooking oil, take extra measures to ensure that a good hygiene level is maintained.

If attending to the mess in the kitchen is too much, there is no shame in taking help from well-known cleaning services. They attend everything in your kitchen from floors to the oven and more with great results.