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calander January 18, 2024
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What is Bond Cleaning?

After a tenancy agreement, bond cleaning—also known as exit cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning—is a thorough, deep cleaning of a rental property. Its objective goes beyond routine maintenance cleaning and aims to restore the property to its original, flawless state—as close to how you found it upon moving in as feasible and, of course, less typical wear and tear. Cleaning every nook and cranny, including windowsills, appliances, and ceilings, is part of this laborious process.

What is bond cleaning, and why is it crucial for tenants to understand?

The Importance of Bond Cleaning for Tenants

Tenants should prioritize bond cleaning because there is a direct link between a clean rental and a security deposit reimbursement. Those who intend to rent out their property especially do not want to see it neglected and unclean. Consider it an investment in the improvement of the space. Additionally, it greatly raises the likelihood that you will receive your entire deposit returned.

How Does Bond Cleaning Impact the Security Deposit Refund for Tenants?

Maximizes Deposit Refund

The landlord will be more inclined to return your entire deposit if the property is immaculate and demonstrates to them that you have taken good care of their investment.

Avoids Disputes

By having the property professionally cleaned, you leave the end of your tenancy with less space for arguments with the landlord about how clean the place is.

Peace of Mind

You will not have to worry about any deductions or legal issues because you have fulfilled your cleaning obligations, so you can unwind.

Faster Move-Out

Immaculately maintained property is more likely to attract new tenants right away, which could speed up and simplify the move-out process.

Steps Involved in the Bond Cleaning Process

The Bond Cleaning Process is not limited to one room. You have to take your time preparing each room and reversing any changes if you want them to all look flawless.


  • The oven, stovetop, rangehood, dishwasher, sink, and refrigerator (including defrosting) should all be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Clean cabinets and drawers: From the inside out, eliminate any dirt or residue.
  • Clean splashbacks and benchtops to get rid of oil and stains.
  • Mop floors: Get rid of all messes and filth. You can read more about it here.


  • Clean and eliminate any leftover soap residue and mildew from scrub showers, bathtubs, and toilets.
  • Make sure your chrome fixtures and mirrors are shining.
  • Watermarks and stains from hard water should be removed from sinks and vanities.
  • When mopping floors, be mindful of drains and corners.

Bedrooms and Living Areas

  • Dust every surface, including furniture, light fixtures, walls, and ceilings.
  • Rugs and carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed, under furniture included.
  • Mop hard floors to get rid of stains and dust.
  • Clean windows, blinds, and doors to get rid of dirt and fingerprints.


  • Clean and empty every drawer and cupboard.
  • Clear the ceilings and corners of cobwebs and dust.
  • Clean the doorknobs and light switches.
  • Remove all trash and recyclables.
  • Spot clean walls to remove any blemishes or marks.
  • Keep windows open to let fresh air into the building.

Tenant’s Checklist for Bond Cleaning

Always have a checklist ready before going in.

  • Gather necessary cleaning supplies.
  • Start cleaning from top to bottom, room by room.
  • Pay extra attention to high-traffic areas and hidden areas.
  • Take before and after photos for documentation.
  • Walk through the property with the landlord or agent before handing over the keys.
  • Keep copies of all receipts and invoices for cleaning services.

Here is a Bond Cleaning checklist for your convenience.

Choosing a Professional Bond Cleaning Service: Ozclean

  • 01. Examine testimonials and reviews: Find a reputable company with positive feedback.
  • 02. Examine quotes and services to make sure the provider meets your needs and your budget.
  • 03. Enquire about insurance and qualifications: Select a business that has liability insurance and skilled cleaners.
  • 04. Make sure everything is documented: Have a clear contract outlining expectations and guarantees.

What should tenants expect from professional bond cleaning services?

  • Trained and seasoned cleaners: They ought to be aware of the norms and specifications for bond cleaning.
  • Top-notch tools and cleaning supplies: Make sure they make use of suitable and efficient solutions.
  • Pay close attention to the details: They have to leave the place pristine and prepared for inspection.
  • Service that is dependable and effective: They have to finish the project on schedule and budget.
  • Communication and documentation: Throughout the process, they should communicate clearly and give cleaning reports.

Tips for Successful Bond Cleaning

Maintaining transparent and sincere communication with your landlord or property manager is imperative. It's always better to start cleaning as early as possible before your move-out date. To keep the area looking spotless, always seek the assistance of experienced bond cleaners. They are detail-oriented, equipped with the proper tools, and knowledgeable. Never forget that receiving your whole deposit back is guaranteed with a thorough bond cleaning.

Remember, a meticulous bond cleaning is an investment that pays off. It safeguards your financial interests, fosters goodwill with your landlord, and provides peace of mind during your move-out.

For those seeking ultimate convenience and guaranteed results, consider professional bond cleaning services like Ozclean. With our expertise, experience, and top-notch equipment, we handle the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on your next chapter.