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calander January 31, 2023
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Rust, which can be brought on by a variety of factors, is probably the source of the unattractive brown areas on your tub and sinks. Rust stains are one of those challenging stains that appear anywhere there is water. By rubbing rust off the surface of your bathtub with a cleaning solution, you can remove it quickly and effortlessly. Since bathtubs come in a range of materials, each one will react differently to cleansers. As a result, you should be aware of the best cleaning method for your bathtub depending on the type of material it is built of.

How to clean rust stains

Rub a pumice stone

Pumice stones, created by volcanic eruptions, are prized by dermatologists for exfoliating skin. Purchase a pumice stone from a retailer or online. Apply cold tap water to the rusty area as well as the stone. The rusty area should be lightly rubbed with the stone. Till the rust fades, proceed methodically and with caution. The stone will eventually become a paste as you work. Get assistance from a professional house cleaning service for difficult rust stains.

Baking soda and vinegar

Rust stains can be removed quite effectively with baking soda and vinegar, which also works well on other types of stains. Just combine together three parts baking soda and one part vinegar in a bowl. Using a scrub sponge, you can apply the paste you make onto the stains. After you've applied a thick layer of the paste, let it set for an hour before you scrub and rinse it off. Repeat the process if you still see some rust after rinsing.

Lemon and salt

Squeeze lemon juice all over the stained areas before putting the salt over it. The acidic properties of lemon will loosen the rust and the salt acts as an abrasive to lift away the stain. You could give this method a try since salt and lemon both have fantastic cleaning capabilities. Wait three to four hours for the concoction to work on the stains. Gently scrape the mixture away with the microfiber cloth. Rinse the tub's walls to get rid of any rust, salt, or lemon that may still be present.

Commercial rust remover

Apply a commercial rust removal liquid or powder to the rust on your bathtub. If the remover needs to sit for a specific amount of time, follow the instructions on the container. To remove the rust completely, clean with a scouring brush with stiff bristles. To get rid of the rust if you don't have a scrubbing brush, try using an old toothbrush or the abrasive side of a cleaning sponge.


Even though it might not be the simplest approach, using some force along with a cleaning screen might occasionally be the most efficient way to do the task. Almost any hardware store in the world sells lightweight sandpaper or cleaning screens. Before you begin gently rubbing the rust away, wet your sandpaper or cleaning screen and let it sit for a moment. Be cautious when cleaning; scrubbing too vigorously can leave lasting damage on your tub.