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calander April 07, 2022
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A lot of us spend quality time on our couch, watching TV shows, movies or playing games. With Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV and many other options fighting to win our praise, it is really hard to avoid spending time in front of our TV. Some TV shows and movies are too good to miss.

But do we know how to clean our TV the right way so that we can continue to enjoy this luxury? It is more than dusting it once in a while. The most common method that we rely on is a cleaning spray, use it on the screen and wipe it with a soft cloth. This could backfire and cause permanent damage to TV if we do not do it the right way.

Type of your TV

Depending on the type of your TV, we need to apply different techniques to keep it clean and ready. It is also important to go through the user manual from the manufacturer before trying anything on your TV. The panel may be different, the casing, the water resistance rating, in-built speakers etc can influence how we clean the TV.

In most cases, the user manual will have instructions to attend to the TV screen, the front portion, the speaker area, and the back area where electric wires and air vents are available.

It is important to make sure that no cleaning liquid gets inside the TV. Because it might reach the circuit board. And a wet circuit board may experience failure or serious damage to the chip.

Keep Water Away

Try not to include water while cleaning your TV if longevity is important. It would be a bad idea to dampen a cloth and clean the screen or other parts of the TV. While new models provide some kind of protection from spills, let us not risk our living room pride to a set of experiments.

Cleaning the TV Screen

A TV screen is a very delicate surface. It is supposed to maintain a good finish for a better viewing experience. But there are occasions where people touch the screen and leave fingerprints on it. Most of them have an oily nature and dust will settle on them causing damage to the fine finish of the screen.

Apart from fingerprints, dust also settles on the screen and makes a layer on it. This could grow worse if we do not attend it without delay.

Don’t Spray Directly

While it is really hard to avoid using a cleaning solution/spray, do not apply it directly. In such cases, we risk direct entry of the cleaning solution inside the TV. Spray the cleaning solution into a dry soft cloth. Wipe clean the screen using this cloth softly and gently.

Make sure not to add scratches or streaks while cleaning. Gentle careful movement is recommended.

Do not let the Dust Settle

Now that our TV is clean and shining, make sure that it stays that way. Let it dry properly and do not allow the dust to settle. Because there will some influence of the cleaning liquid on TV and dust might actually hold to it if we continue cleaning the room. Give enough time for the TV to get dry before attempting further cleaning of the room.

Also, cover the TV with breathable material and close the windows if there is a chance that wind can carry the dust inside.

Professional Help

Not happy with the results? It is ok to take professional help if the whole process is not working for you. It is best to leave things to experts when things are not working for us.

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