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calander March 23, 2022
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The sight of blood is not a welcome scene in any household. Even some adults find it uneasy to be in such a scene, no matter how small the cut is. Blood stains are equally tough. They make the most stubborn type of stains in clothes and floors or any surface they come in contact with. When a piece of fabric gets a blood stain, it is mostly goodbye from our side.

But do you know that it is not an invincible stain? There are some simple methods to get rid of them if we do it correctly.

Treat them Fresh

If a cloth ever gets a bloodstain, deal with it before it dries. Once dried, blood stains are much tougher to remove. Soak the cloth in half a bucket of cold water and then scrub it gently using a brush. The better it soaks, the cleaner the results will be. It is better to do it as quickly as possible after fixing the source.

Do not use Hot Water

It would be a really bad idea to treat a piece of fabric with hot water when dealing with bloodstains. Because hot water will help the blood go deeper into the fabric and make it harder for us to remove it. Always rely on cold water while treating clothes with bloodstains.

Using the right kind of process is really essential while dealing with tough stains like the one caused by blood. Because the presence of unattended blood might pave the way to germ buildup as well. If you wait longer then it will become harder to get rid of. Then you might need to seek help from cleaning services to make your home free from all kinds of stains.

Repeat the Process

It is normal that we do not succeed in the first attempt. It is ok to repeat the process of soaking and scrubbing until we get the desired results. Blood is not like other regular liquids that we come across daily. It is definitely harder to remove and has qualities that we do not expect in a stain.


Blood is a bodily fluid. A lot of properties of blood are not so welcome when it stains a cloth. After washing properly and removing the stain, make sure to sanitise the cloth properly. Let us make sure that fabric remains free of any buildups due to blood.

Use Chemicals to Clean

Hydrogen Peroxide

The use of Hydrogen Peroxide is very effective in removing blood stains from the cloth. Scrub the area using a brush ( even your old toothbrush) and let it soak for some time. After around 15 minutes, we can rinse the stained area and surroundings with cold water. Repeat the process until the stain vanishes.

Ammonia for Cleaning

Ammonia can be effective while dealing with bloodstains. Mix ammonia with equal parts of cold water. Dab the stained area using this solution. Now, use the normal washing procedure to get the desired results. The use of ammonia will release the strain during the process. Ammonia is also effective for sweat stains.

Oxygen Bleach

This type of cleaning agent is very effective against organic stains. Not only blood, food spills can also be removed when treated with oxygen bleach.