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calander March 12, 2022
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We all adore the magic box in our house. Where we keep all delicious items ready to use whenever we need them. We call it our refrigerator. It comes in a lot of brands, sizes, and models. No matter which one you have it is very important to understand that it is not really a magic box. It is a creation of science and a lot of things could go wrong if we do not take care of it properly.

Just like every other item in our house, a refrigerator too needs regular cleaning and organising. It is quite unsafe to place things in the refrigerator and then completely forget about it. While this is not intentional, a lot of things could go wrong if we make this a habit.

Homemade Sauces

When buying them from a restaurant, there is a good chance that it has preservatives included. This means they last longer than their homemade counterparts. Do not expect the same shelf life of homemade sauces even if your refrigerator cooling mode is high.

It is important that we consume them as soon as possible. The maximum they can last is 7 days. I won’t even give them that much time for some recipes. Better safe than sorry and remove them and dispose of them properly. And don’t try tasting as an inspection method. Use visual references only if they are more than a couple of days old. The stains that are caused by some sauces are harder to get off. The longer we wait the more difficult it will be. Try to get rid of those stains if you find it difficult then reach out to the best in class cleaning services.

Stay away from the Door

Milk products and eggs often find their place in the refrigerator door. But did you know that the door of the refrigerator is considerably warmer than the rest of the area? This might influence the way milk products or eggs last. Check them at regular intervals and take them out if they are no longer edible. The door area is better suited for items with preservatives than fresh edible items.

Food Kept in Open Boxes

While this is not always harmful, it can contribute greatly to the odor in our fridge. The refrigerator might smell really bad based on what we have kept in those containers. Sometimes, other edible items will also get this smell added to them making them taste awkward while consuming.

If such food has spent more than a day inside your refrigerator, consider removing it as soon as possible.

Moldy Fruits are a big NO

It would be unwise to clean the mold and try to consume the fruit. There is a good chance that mold is present deep inside the fruit and is quite unhealthy to consume. If you have any fruit or soft vegetables that have mold and they have space inside the refrigerator, it is time to get rid of them. It is not only bad but can cause other concerns too.