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calander February 14, 2022
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We all clean our kitchen on a daily basis, cleaning the utensils, the glass, and the surface. But, are you doing it properly? It is not just about using the right cleaning solution or brushing, there is more to it than simple scrubbing. There are a lot of areas that need special cleaning and certain things to keep in mind while cleaning the entire kitchen and we will be looking at the most common mistakes people do and how to avoid them in the future.

Top Kitchen Cleaning Mistakes

1. The Soapy Water

There is nothing wrong with using a mixture of soap and water to clean the dishes, but it is the repetitive use of them that is very unhygienic. After every dish is done, the scrubber is dipped in the same solution over and over again till the cleaning process is done and the water in the bowl or wherever you keep it is already dirty after the first use itself. Replace the solution after every use to make sure that you don’t carry the debris and other materials onto the next one. If changing the cleaning solution after every dish is not possible, then make sure to rinse it properly after the cleaning process.

2. The Sink

Not many people give a lot of thought to sink cleaning, we don’t mean the exterior of the sink, but the interiors like the drainage pipe. A lot of kitchen waste can get accumulated inside the sink, give rise to foul smell, attract pests and lead to drainage blockage either fully or partially. So make sure to clean the drainage system from time to time, you could either use a mixture of bleach, vinegar, and hot water or buy a drainage cleaning solution or hand it over to the best and most affordable cleaning service providers.

3. The Cleaning Cloth

It is important to have different cleaning cloths for different parts and areas of the kitchen. You do not want to use the cloth that you use to clean the work area to clean the other parts of the kitchen, as you will only be spreading debris from one palace to another instead of removing it. Have different clothes for cleaning the dishes, the glasses, the utensils and regular disinfect the clothes by giving them a proper wash and changing them periodically.

4. Give The Utensils Some Time

Whatever you do, do not put the utensils, the cooking pots, and pans under running water or try to rinse them off immediately after the cooking process as you will only be damaging the Teflon coating on the surface. Give the utensils enough time to cool down and then start the cleaning process.

5. The Oven

Clean the oven on a weekly basis, because a lot of odor can stick around inside the oven which can negatively affect anything that is inside the oven for the cooking process. Give the oven a good wipe, or steam clean with a mixture of water and vinegar, and wipe off the stains and debris with the same solution.

6. The Knobs

Every single day we spent a lot of time opening the kitchen cupboards, the knob of the stove and the oven, and other equipment. So, properly clean the knobs and the handles as they can be a source of bacteria build-up and also debris. Take this time to clean your coffee maker also, as a lot of grime can settle in the bottom and will take away your coffee experience.


Now you know that cleaning the kitchen is not just about doing the dishes, there are a lot of things that you should keep in mind during the cleaning process. Remember to disinfect the kitchen area from time to time, as simple cleaning won’t be enough to keep all the bacteria and viruses away.