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calander April 21, 2022
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Decorating our home and keeping it clean are two different things. But in most cases, they do not go hand in hand. It is easy to invest in interior decoration. A bit of imagination, some talent and know-how of where to get the right pieces will help us put up a wonderful interior.
But if not properly planned, they will also become cleaning nightmares.

For example, we can decorate our walls with numerous paints with awesome frames. But dusting them itself is a huge task. And if not done properly, the whole ambiance will be ruined.

Don’t mistake me. It is quite ok to spend time and money on a good interior. But we also need to spend some time fine-tuning it so that we can maintain it as well.

Fragile items

It would be unwise to fill the room with a lot of hard-to-handle items. While they do add glamour to the interior, there is a good chance that they get destroyed during the cleaning process. It will be an added task to clean them if they are loosely placed on tables and get smashed while cleaning.

It is even worse if we have to secure a lot of them before cleaning the tables and shelves. It is always good to have a balance between design considerations and ease of cleaning.

Washable Paint

From hand stains to kids’ artistic talents, there are numerous challenges when it comes to keeping the interior walls clean. It is influenced by a lot of factors including the color of the wall, texture, type of paint, finish, and more.

You will get a lot of recommendations when it comes to interior walls. But try to accommodate the cleaning challenges as well. Smooth finish and washable paints are always a comfort when it comes to keeping interior walls clean.

Washable Covers

From TV remote to sofa covers, be wise and use washable covers. They help a lot in keeping the cushions, pillows, mattress etc clean. If we use the right kind of material, we can also save a lot of time spent on fixing spots and stains.

In the case of couches, there are many options in the market when choosing protective slipcovers. Picking the right one will help you keep safe from food and drink spills, pet fur, dust, dirt, and more.

The Right Kind of Furniture

It is interesting to choose furniture that adds glamour to your home. But what about its maintenance? A couch with leather upholstery is very comfortable, plush and can add the wow factor to your living room. But stains and spots will soon make it look gloomy and affect the entire living room atmosphere.

The colour, type of material, length of the legs, cleaning room etc can play a big role in keeping the room and the furniture attractive. Spend some time selecting the right kind of furniture depending on how much time you can spend maintaining it.

If things go out of hand, taking help from a professional couch cleaning service is the best choice. Because trying DIY tips on costly furniture is not always a good idea.

Stick to the Dining Area

It is a good practice to keep edible items and their consumption in the dining area. Food waste not only attracts pests but also ends up giving cleaning nightmares. Food spills are hard to clean and might cause permanent spots and stains on the floor and carpets. The same goes for hardwood flooring and other types of floors. It is also hygienic to do so.