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calander September 30, 2021
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House cleaning can be quite a time-consuming process, but the DIYs and tips that you find across the internet make it so much more manageable. You can find thousands of such cleaning tips spread across various sites, which often makes it difficult to differentiate between the good ones and the bad ones. If not done properly, the tricks that you use to quicken your cleaning process can instead make you spend even more time taking care of the mess. Houses in Gold Coast can especially be prone to damage from scientifically unsure cleaning methods, because of the coastal style interiors and the humid climate. Below listed are the top 5 things you should never do while cleaning your house.

1. Swapping your glass cleaner with an all-purpose cleaner

There is a reason why there is a cleaning solution that is specifically made to clean glasses. If you try to create a DIY cleaning solution to clean your windows or just replace your glass cleaning solution with an all-purpose cleaning solution, the results won’t be as good. Glass cleaning solutions are formulated in such a way that it gives a great finish to your windows. There won’t be any streaks when you use them to clean your windows and other glass surfaces. The same cannot be said about DIY cleaners and all-purpose cleaners. They are not made to create a streakless finish. Using such cleaning solutions can end up making your windows more mushy and misty instead of making them clean. It is always best to use a cleaning solution that is specifically made for glass surfaces because nobody wants murky and foggy windows and mirrors at their home.

2. Using too much water to clean your carpet

It is almost an instinctive action for most of us to pour water over the carpet stains whenever they occur. Even though we might think that this would dilute the effectiveness of the stain, it actually does more damage than good. When it comes to the coastal-style homes in Gold Coast, this can be even more detrimental. Wood can swell up by absorbing all that water, and grout can get all grubby because of this.

3. Combining cleaning products

Unless you are a chemist and knows very well about the chemical composition of cleaning agents, it is better not to combine the cleaning products on your own. We may never know what kind of new chemicals would result from mixing various cleaning agents as each of them is made of different chemicals. Sometimes, mixing cleaning agents may even cause the emission of harmful and toxic gases which could be detrimental to your health. So, it is always advised to buy cleaning products that serve specific purposes rather than trying to create one on your own. Maybe it’s better to leave it to a professional house cleaning company in Gold Coast.

4. Cleaning your sponges using a microwave

Yes, there are people who microwave their sponges to clean them. People who do this think that subjecting sponges to high heat kills the bacteria present in them and that it makes the sponges super clean. Even though some part of this is true, you need to put the sponge inside the microwave at a really high temperature to kill off all the disease-causing bacteria present in it. By the time all the bacteria is killed, there will be nothing left of your sponge either, because it would have already caught fire. So, if you feel like your sponge is really dirty and that it needs a microwave to clean it, just buy a new sponge instead.

5. Using bleach to clean rust

Not a good idea. Even though bleach is known for its cleaning properties, it does not work as well on rust stains. Bleach is without a doubt, one of the strongest cleaning agents present, but the oxidizing chemicals present in it can help the rust spread even more, instead of removing them. It is always best to call a professional house cleaning company in Gold Coast to clean such a mess so that you do not have to waste your time and energy on it.