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calander April 25, 2022
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Cleaning our house is one of the mammoth tasks we embrace without much question. Mainly because it is our house and we want to keep it clean and tidy. Most of us are so possessed by cleaning and shining our living space that we often overlook a few tasks that we can actually skip.

The main problem is unreliable sources of information. It is always wise to make sure that the content has some context. Like, if we are going to read about a new laptop, we will choose a tech blog, not a foodie one. There are many tips on the internet that are interesting, but sometimes misleading.

Let us take a look at some of the work that is not necessarily important and can be postponed to save time and for an effective cleaning schedule.

Vacuum Cleaning

It is indeed important to vacuum our carpet and a lot of high traffic areas regularly. But it is also essential not to overdo it. There are areas like under the table, under the bed, under the couch, etc, which are hardly ruined by dust and dirt. Do attend them when you have time or after a visual inspection. But focus mainly on high traffic areas.

Also, they use enough electricity to influence the power bills. It is important to use them wisely.

No shoe Inside

It is very helpful if we plan and execute rules like this. Keep your work shoes outside and keep one for home use if you feel so. Because bringing in dirt and filth is only going to overload your cleaning process. It may also cause hygiene problems due to the kind of stuff we walk on every day.

Try to keep the shoe rack very close to the door so that the dirt is not going to find its way into the house.

Lawn Mowing

Some people are purely obsessed with keeping the grass trim and short. While this has an aesthetic sense, plan it properly and do it at regular intervals only. There is no need to take the lawnmower and have a go whenever we have some time.

It is ok to keep the grass at a height of around 3 inches and maintain it that way. Careful planning will ensure that your lawn stays beautiful and you save a lot of time which can be used for other activities.

Old Documents

Stacked old documents are too much of a burden sometimes. They will eat up every bit of time we have. Also, they are a good source of dust and a possible house for pests. Let us get rid of them once and for all rather than spending time cleaning them all the time.

There are apps like Microsoft Lens which will help us Digitise paper documents. We can keep multiple copies safely as a backup so that they are always available at our disposal. If you feel so hard about getting rid of them, pack them in a cardboard box and move them to a less important space.

By hand Drying

A lot of people try this method on dishware. But it is always easy if we rely on automatic methods. Also, if we do not take enough care choosing the cleaning cloth, that could lead to hygiene problems. Wiping each plate with the same piece of cloth is not always a good idea.

If you feel like it is too much for you, always take help from a home cleaning expert. From the kitchen to the bedroom, they will take care of everything while you can sit back and relax.

These days, professional house cleaning services are quite affordable and value for money deals.