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calander October 20, 2021
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The beauty of a well-furnished house is usually highlighted by the fittings and interior décor. The size of the house is immaterial, cleanliness is what matters the most. It is indeed tiring to keep the house intact. Ceiling fans never remain unnoticed. Roof décor is incomplete without the beautiful ceiling accessory! Apart from the fancy ceiling lights, fans also play a role in contributing to the elegant finishing of the room. A single dusty fan is more than enough to ruin the appearance of the room as a whole. Well, if a fan is placed in the kitchen, it can be clumsier, as all the grease will be prominent in dark black. The cooling effect entirely depends on how clean the fan is, as dust can be a hindrance to the rate of airflow. People in Gold Coast will be running a rat race and maintaining the fans regularly is something not practical after a tough day. Well, it is not a matter of concern when professionals are around. A dust-free ceiling fan is just 4 steps away. Do try out the 4 excellent hacks that will assist you in cleaning ceiling fans with vinegar.


Weekly cleanup of the ceiling fans is a must. If the scheduled cleansing is skipped, dirt and dust particles will get accumulated on the surface of the fan blades. This loads the fan with a stack of impurities and hence maintaining them becomes a task. Combine 2 parts of baking soda with 4 parts of vinegar and soda water to make the cleaning solution. Once the mixture is ready, use a hard toothbrush to take off the dust and grease. Soak the brush in the solution and apply it to the wings of the ceiling fan. See to it that it covers all ends of the fan. If the grease is stubborn, repeat this step until it is pulled out after which it should be brushed again with water. Leave it to dry for an hour. This process will help in retaining the shine of your fan.


If your fan lacks the required attention and care, it will also be arrogant. Make sure to not drag the cleaning, as it will pile up your work. Grease is commonly noticed in kitchen fans. The oil and dust molecules lead to the sticking up of grease on the surface of the blades. The more you delay, the harder it becomes to take off the stain. Firstly, enclose the grease with a layer of the cleaning solution; the mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and soda water. Scrap off the excess grease with the help of hard tissue paper and ensure that it is not damp. Then take a cloth, rinse it with water, and clean carefully clean the wings. Carrying out this process with a dry sponge absorbs the dirt quickly. If the marks have not yet vanished, repeat the same until you get the desired outcome. Apart from the stain on the fan, finding it difficult to handle cabinet stains? Do not wait to fix an appointment with a team of experts, who offers satisfying services at a nominal cost.


The thought that the whole tidying phenomenon is itself so time taking is what makes you feel lethargic. It is time to confront the fact that the method is easy, provided you choose the right way out. There are easy ways to approach complex problems. Something cool about this hack is that you can skip the ladder, but you must be wondering how? Dealing with the dirt is not so easy, but you can try out any of these hacks to reduce the pressure! Surround the floor with some newspapers, to avoid the dirt from moving around the entire house. Use a duster and wipe off the excess dust on the wings of the fan in such a way that it falls on the newspaper spread out. In case the dirt falls apart, keep a broomstick handy to sweep it away. If the dust resists itself from getting away all at a time, try repeating this process as long as you don’t see it dust-free. This method will give you guaranteed results, only if the dirt is not intense.


You may not be sure how to manage both the household chores and work. A work-life balance is not easy to maintain in Gold Coast. But you cannot refrain from cleaning and compromise on the maintenance of your house. Ceiling fans will gradually lose their charm and will get worn away, if not taken care of regularly. Without any further delay, make sure you fix an appointment with an apt professional house cleaning company which will help you get your work done effectively with not much time and is also pocket-friendly. Sustain the shine on your fan with not much effort.