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calander October 09, 2021
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Change is scary, and this can be especially true when it comes to vacating your old house and moving to a new one. A lot of things change and that too at a quick pace, making relocation one of the most demanding activities ever. In between the hectic schedule, tenants can often forget a lot of crucial things that they have to do before vacating the house. This is why it is important to create a vacating checklist that helps you remember the major things that you have to take care of. Residents of Gold Coast lead a busy life and there is a high chance to forget about things to take care of before vacating the house. For all of you who are doubtful of what has to be done before shifting to a new location, here are the top 6 things to keep in mind before vacating a house:

1. Send a notice to your landlord

One of the most important things to take care of before vacating your house is to let your landlord know of the same. If you take a look at the rental agreement, you can find the notice period mentioned in it, which indicates the time period between informing your landlord and vacating the house. The notice period can vary from a few days to three months depending on the area where you live. Even without a notice period, it is only fair for you to let your property owner or landlord know of your decision to move out. So, do not forget to do that.

2. Cancel your subscriptions, if any

If you are moving to a place pretty far away from your current rental home, do not forget to cancel your subscriptions. It can be your gym subscription, appliance maintenance service, garden cleaning service, or even your babysitting and pet walking service. As you are moving to a new place, it is necessary for you to do so. When it comes to the subscription of your magazines and newspapers, you can try to forward them to your new address. If not, cancel them too. Or else, you might still end up receiving them at your old home, which is a waste of the newspapers and magazines as well as your money.

3. Forward your mail to the new address

Unlike magazines and newspapers, you can effectively change your mailing address by contacting the local mailing service in your area. Just make sure to let them know a few days early, as the mailing systems take their own sweet time to process the mail forwarding requests. Taking care of your mail is one of the biggest chores that you have to take care of before shifting to a new house, and forgetting to do so can cause the misplacement of important information. Get started on this task a bit earlier than the rest of the items on the list, as it may take a bit of time to get the mailing service to actually change your address to a new one.

4. Hire the right movers

You need to shift the belongings of your house from one place to the other and hiring the right moving company is essential to make the process hassle-free. If you are someone who takes a lot of time to pack your belongings, then you can hire professionals who can take care of the packing and moving needs of your house as well. The key is to determine the company beforehand. Last-minute search for movers can cause you to choose a company in a hurry, which may not be such a good idea. It is always best to do your own research and finally fix a company that best fits your packing and moving needs.

5. Check your property

Give your property a thorough check to see if there are any permanent damages done to it over the passage of time. Small damages do happen and there is no problem with that. But when it comes to the more serious damages like holes in the wall due to hanging pictures on them and dents on the floor area are to be fixed by the tenants before vacating the property. It is the responsibility of the tenants to make sure that the rental house remains free of any damage so that the next tenant can live there without any repair to be done.

6. Make your house spotless

Even though listed at the end, this is the most important point to be taken care of once you decide to vacate your house. Every tenant of Gold Coast knows the importance of bond cleaning as it is closely associated with getting back their bond money. It is always beneficial to hire professional bond cleaning companies in Gold Coast to take care of this for you. They make sure that your house is spotless so that you pass the inspection conducted by your landlord.

Creating a vacating checklist is necessary to make your house shifting an easy and trouble-free process. We recommend you sit down and prepare an exhaustive vacating checklist without missing out on any important points such as the ones mentioned above. Have a great time moving!