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calander April 16, 2022
calander Admin

I am sure we are all proud of our own custom techniques to keep our house clean. But do you know there are a few things we have been doing wrong for years and never noticed? They are so simple and old that we never bothered to give enough attention to how they affect the cleaning process adversely.

Let us take a look at some of them and see whether we can redesign them to fit our cleaning chores perfectly.

Relying on DIY tricks from bad sources

When we try to do things that we are not good at, we often refer to online channels for suggestions. Blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Quora etc are abundant with information. They often talk a lot about things we should do for the best results. Sadly, most of them are not well researched or sometimes not even tried once. Let us not make the mistake of using untested ideas at home. Most of them also contribute to various habits and organising tips that we adopt without a second opinion.

Be it a carpet or furniture that you are trying to clean, if it is too much take expert help to fix the issue.

Do not pile up paper

From newspapers to magazines, old bills, documents and other projects it is a common scene in many houses that they get piled up easily. They often play host to dust and are a safe haven for pests like spiders and cockroaches.

Try to remove them at regular intervals. If there are any documents that we need for future reference, try to keep a digital copy using methods like scanning.

Do not pile up wet cloths

Wet towels, shower curtains etc are often seen piled on in the bathroom. They often cause too many issues in both washing the clothes as well as while cleaning the bathroom. A damp area in a bathroom can cause hygienic problems too.

Clothes get damaged easily if they are kept as a wet pile for too long.

Keep the shoes out

It is always wise to keep two sets of shoes. One for the hardships that we have to deal with outside and one for the comfortable environment we have at home. Because the shoes we wear outside are going to add a lot of dirt and other filth to carpets and other parts of the house. Using them inside the home is also unhygienic because we have no idea what kind of things we have to step on while we are outside.

If we can maintain this rule at home, a lot of cleaning time can be saved as well. Keep your shoe rack and bench as close as possible to the door. This will help not to take the dirt too much inside the front room.

Measure the cleaning liquid

It is very good that we can afford to use plenty of cleaning liquid to make the cleaning process easy. Be it for washing the dishware or floor, make sure that only the right amount of cleaning solution is used. Because they can cause undesired effects to our skin as well as the surface to which it is applied.

They can also cause stains and spots which are impossible to remove. Not all cleaning solutions can be applied directly. Most of them need to be diluted before cleaning. Refer to the manufacturer’s note before trying to assess the quantity or dilution.