5 Quick Steps To Achieve A Sparkling Kitchen

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calander November 23, 2022
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A bright clean kitchen is something every house owner strives to have. But unfortunately for many, this is almost impossible considering their very busy day-to-day schedules. Cleaning is a tedious, time-consuming task and is often not very pleasant, which is why it is one of the activities people tend to procrastinate. The kitchen is the place where the health of a family begins, where the daily meals are prepared, which is why it cannot be allowed to stay unclean for long. For anyone who says that they do not have time to clean their kitchen, here are 5 simple steps to follow to achieve a spotless, fresh-smelling kitchen in a short span of time.

Quick tips for a clean kitchen

Clean after each meal

You won't have to spend as much time, and your kitchen will stay tidy this way. Most people consider washing the dishes to be a hassle. However, if you allow your dirty dishes to pile up, cleaning them up will take more time and effort, and your kitchen will not have a clean workstation. Start wiping down the counters, washing the dishes, and setting the table after each meal. If you haven’t gotten around to cleaning or there is too much grime to handle in one go, then you can always rely on the services of a reputed house cleaning company.

Clear up counters

Junk in your kitchen in the first place prevents you from cleaning it correctly. Take everything that doesn't belong on your counters off and put them in one area of the counter or one corner of the kitchen. Putting things away one at a time now will just slow you down and increase the likelihood of distraction. Just push them off the counter. After clearing all the counters and the kitchen is spotless, you can put items where they belong.

Wipe down stovetops

Clean the stovetop and oven once the counter is free of clutter. After using your stovetop, clean it. Gas stove grates should be removed, and everything should be thoroughly cleaned afterwards. Do not limit your cleaning to the obvious unclean areas. Be methodical and thoroughly clean the surface. Although it might be advisable to clean the oven thoroughly another time, a quick external clean-up can help you achieve a spick-and-span kitchen.

Don’t forget the sink

It is easier than it sounds to thoroughly clean your sink. Clear it out of dirty dishes first. In order to reach nooks and crannies that require scrubbing, use a cleaning brush and a detergent. Your faucet should be cleaned, as should any soap or sponge holders. Wash everything if possible. Finish off the cleaning process by putting hot water in your sink and adding bleach to it. Drain after ten minutes of letting it sit and give one final rinse.

Take out the trash

The dirt in your full garbage bin needs to be disposed of right away since if you wait any longer, it will start to decompose and breed bacteria and maggots. As soon as your container is filled, throw it away. Take the empty can outside and quickly spray it with a cleaning agent. Wash the garbage can inside and out while wearing gloves, then let it air dry. This is one of the greatest cleaning methods for keeping your kitchen hygienic.