Simple Habits That Will Help You Stay Organized

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calander August 27, 2021
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“When you’re choosing what to keep, ask your heart; when you’re choosing where to store something, ask your house!” – Marie Kondo

Ready to simplify your space?

No matter how clean and tidy your house is, it’s easy for clutter to pile up anywhere in the house. There are books, newspapers, toys, bills and so many other items that you use every day but never kept in the right places. Living in a messy house is not a good thing. It will increase your stress, scatters your moods, cause frustration, and may even affect your family life. It can also make us less productive.

According to psychologists, clutter can play a major role in how we feel about our homes, our workplaces, and ourselves. Messy homes and workspaces may leave us feeling tensed or anxious, helpless, and astounded. This all highlights the fact that our physical environments significantly influence our thoughts, emotions, and our relationships with others.

The famous Japanese consultant Marie Kondo has inspired a lot of people to declutter and organize their houses using her KonMari method. According to her when you organize and declutter your house in order, you have no choice but to listen to your inner voice. Because the question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life. When you reevaluate all your belongings and organize your home, you set the start for a big transformation.

Decluttering your home doesn’t mean you have to spend every moment going through a mess. It’s better to start small and tackle one thing at a time. Like cleaning out cabinets once a week or donating old clothes every once in a while and so on. Whatever you do the clutter will always come back. As we all know that you are not going to do it every single day. But when you do it, set aside space and time to do it properly. You may feel confused in the beginning, but do not worry, you will definitely come out clearer on the other side.

By decluttering and organizing your space in a proper way, you will be able to save time for yourself and you will be free from stress and frustration. There you are making your home more beautiful, spacious, tidier, and easy to manage. It is the best way to refresh your house.

These are some creative ways to declutter your house easily.

Don’t tackle everything at once

It’s easy to get stressed by clutter, but you don’t have to think that you must transform your entire home in a single weekend. Take time, a week, or even a month as long as you do a small amount of work each day that will help you reach your final goal of a decluttered and organized home.

Try to clean by category

Going from room to room is hard and makes it hard to realize what you own and what you want to keep. When you perform declutter it’s better to go by category so that you decide with the items belong to that specific category. Start with an easy category like clothes or books. And these are the ones ht really need to be organized in every home. For example gather all the books in one place, a huge pile. Now it’s time to sort out and this will help you evaluate what to keep and what to get rid of in one shot.

Identify what you need

This is all about choosing what to keep. Rather than thinking of what to get rid of, think about what to keep. Pick up each item and ask yourself whether it’s worth keeping or whether you feel happy by keeping it. If it does, then keep it with you. If not let it go. That is why we have to do it on a category basis. This will really help us to identify our true needs.

Discard the unwanted items

We have something to learn from all the things in your life, including the ones that you discard. According to Marie Kondo if you’re letting go of something you’ve used for a long time, thank it for its service and for improving your life. If you’re letting go of something that you never used, it means you have no purpose for something like this in your life. When you have a lesser amount of items in your house, it is easy for you to maintain them. And it will surely make you satisfied and relieved as we know that these items might bring joy for someone else now.

A place for everything

This is very important to maintain a clutter-free home. When everything has its place, your home looks less messy, and your belongings are easier to find. If things don’t have a proper place to keep them, they tend to be left out on floors, tabletops, or other surfaces. Assign permanent spots for each item to store it and believe me when everything has a proper place, you unfailingly place all the items in their places only. Clutter is mainly caused by the failure to put everything in its place. Remember, a home for each and every item is very essential.

Focus On the Task

It's very easy to get distracted by the phone or by some other reasons. If you are not a regular cleaner it is common that you will likely get distracted by it and halt your process, decluttering. So try to focus on the decluttering project at that moment and let every unimportant thing wait until you are done.

Do it together

Having family with you and doing everything together is an added advantage. This will lessen your burden and you can easily decide on things, what to keep and what not to keep. Even if it is a little bit difficult with small kids, this is a good time for you to show them the value of things.

Still, if you still feel overwhelmed at the decluttering process, hire a professional cleaning service to come in and help guide you through the process. Sometimes when you need an extra hand, it’s ok!


If you’re not sure how to start decluttering, remember this “When you’re choosing what to keep, ask your heart; when you’re choosing where to store something, ask your house!”. No matter what decluttering tip you choose for your house, the ultimate goal is to breathe fresh air and to get relieved from all stress, tension, and burdens. There is a beautiful world of freedom and fresh air smacking behind that clutter, waiting for you.