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calander July 28, 2022
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It is possible to make your home more beautiful and enchanting by using tiles throughout the house. Even when one or two tiles break, you can easily replace them. They will, however, naturally lose their glossy appearance over time and become worn out and old. But with a few simple methods, you can remove stubborn stains from the tiles and retain the shine of the floor. By using natural products in your home, you can save money and contribute to preserving the environment.

Fail-Proof Cleaning Checklist for Floor Tiles

A gentle hand and some top-notch cleaning techniques are all it requires to keep your floor tiles dazzling. We have collected the best tips for you to carry out the deed. If you can follow it, we can guarantee the shine of your floor tile. Share these tips with everyone you know, let’s work together to make every home beautiful.

Take printouts of the checklist if necessary, it will help you do everything prim and proper. You can make additions to this checklist if you have some other tricks up your sleeve.

  • Vacuum the floor tiles, a few times a week.
  • Mop the floor at least two times a week
  • Use a mild cleanser for mopping
  • Avoid using sponge mops
  • Change your cleaning tools often
  • Also, change the water if it gets too dirty while you are cleaning it
  • Ask the tile provider what kind of cleaner you can use on the floor tiles.
  • Never let the wet tiles air dry
  • After mopping, wipe the tiles with a dry cloth
  • Never clean the tiles with anything that has a high pH level
  • Avoid tough bristles or plastic brushes
  • Clean and remove the grout as soon as possible
  • Use a high gloss tile sealant