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Carpet cleaning gold coast, Southport

Southport is a coastal suburb in Australia and the business hub of City of Gold Coast Queensland. ozclean Carpet Cleaning has emerged as one of the pioneers on the Gold Coast since 2011. It has the unique experience, processes and equipment to clean your property premises. The most popular method it has adopted concerning steam cleaning is a single-stage process wherein a cleaner brings a piece of portable equipment to your residence, identical to the instrument you would hire from the local hardware store or online shopping outlet. This steam cleaning equipment is immersed in the mix of detergent and water, and without any application of agitation or pre-spray, your carpet is washed, and virtually appears brand new.

The carpet cleaning gold coast services

As you observe that the stains on the carpet becomes stubborn and permanent, you should arrive at a decision that it’s high time you should consider to adopt the methodologies of colour repair and spot dyeing. It is a method that goes beyond washing to full stain repair.

Spot dyeing usually includes matching and restoring discoloured patches of the carpet to the original colour when you brought it home in the beginning. If your carpet has been damaged by any permanent stain, we will ensure the restoration work using the carpet cleaning gold Coast efficient spot dyeing carpet cleaning strategy.

The carpet might have suffered wear and tear due to moisture contents in the atmosphere, and you can easily identify the discolouration of the carpet. In this scenario, we take extra precautions to get things back to the near original condition.

There are different situations to handle the carpet cleaning work, which are being discussed hereinbelow:

  • Situation 1: It is presumed that you’ve cleaned your carpet, and after cleaning, the stubborn stains or pet odour have become more obvious. You may be apprehensive as because you are unaware that the soiled sediments have deeply ingrained in the deepest layers of your favourite carpet.

The soiled urine salt deposits caused by the kids or pets have been exposed when the cleaning is in the midway, so the odour can be stronger than when cleaning finishes. This situation doesn’t always happen but is unbearable when it takes place.

It can also happen days after the carpet cleaning is over. When the odour still exists after washing, it can usually be fixed by adding odour repellant to the carpet provided the precipitation of urine is in the carpet fibres and not dried up in the floorboards.This process does not demand carpet lifting and is one of the most reliable and reasonable options in terms of the price.

  • Situation 2: There may be no evident urine stains in your carpet, but after the cleaning process is complete, stains might reappear. During the cleaning process, the deposits of urine may settle in the back or saturated below which are promptly suctioned out in the open.

An important point to remember in this context is that the professional carpet cleaning gold coast carpet cleaner is only responsible to clean carpet fibres and not the underlays or floorboards lying beneath. Therefore, they can rip the carpet fibres open instantly where the scum sediments are grounded underneath. Usually, this issue can be resolved by raising the carpet and replacing carpet padding and giving floor treatment.

  • Situation 3: You might feel irritated by the stubborn stains on your carpet. If you are still not able to remove the persistent stains after regular cleaning, the immediate step on your part is to engage the cleaning experts who can take care of the permanent stain to restore your carpet to near perfect.

It is a specific job to be conducted after the carpet has been cleaned and requires the application of reducing agents before the dyeing process in the stained area of the carpet. If you need colour repair service, please contact the best carpet cleaning gold coast as this service is generally quoted by pre assessing photographs of stubborn carpet stains.

  • Situation 4:It may also happen that the carpet is so densely contaminated that no amount of carpet cleaning including deodorization, odorcide, stain treatment etc. would function effectively. In these circumstances, it’s time to contact carpet cleaning services gold coast in Southport for comprehensive carpet cleaning.

Before cleaning the carpet, you need to focus on the surface cleaning so that when you relay the carpet after cleaning, the floor is perfectly unsoiled and unspotted.

Benefits of carpet cleaning gold coast services

The dry cleaning cycle of the carpet uses less water than traditional cleaning, so within a reasonable time, carpets will be dry and clean like a new one.

  • Electro-Shield does away with a wide range of fungi, germs and bacteria to be effective for four months from the date of application.


  • Our unique exothermic dry cleaning process for carpet cleaning goes deep into the fibres and removes more stains than any other treatment procedure.


  • The superlative 4-pronged dry cleaning system cleanses carpets without leaving traces of any stubborn chemical and other residues.


  • Unprofessional cleaning of the carpet fibres negates the brightness. We always ensure to transform your carpet like newly purchased one by restoring the original chemical balance as it was earlier.


  • Our dry cleaning machine does not at all soak up the carpets while cleaning the same. It implies you’re not going to get the stench of that wet carpet. It would be just a gentle lime fragrance.


  • Our dry cleaning system for carpet cleaning strikes the exact balance for keeping your floor carpet safe and secure from stretching and shrinking.


  • Before we take up the dry cleaning process, we always make certain to remove debris and dry soils applying high-grade vacuum cleaners.

Process related to carpet cleaning gold coast services

Commercial carpet cleaning gold coast can also implement dry-cleaning in place of steam cleaning and can clean carpets quite effectively if utilized in a proper manner. If you frequently have your carpets washed, you might often contemplate switching between the two methods. You can opt for steam cleaning during summer.

Dry cleaning of carpets should be taken up during winter months.Dry carpet cleaning is not advised during every cleaning operation. It should be chosen in an alternate way. In between regular dry cleanings, your carpet should be steam cleaned with occasional frequency. Whenever requisitioned, we bring with us both carpet cleaning equipment and after inspection of the carpet, we can suggest which technique suits you best.

Our carpet cleaning services involves 5 stages of execution:

  • We apply vacuum with the help of upright vacuum cleaner
  • Biodegradable encapsulation compound is pre-sprayed on the length and breadth of the carpet.
  • Next step is the treatment of stains and spots
  • Then the carpet is dry cleaned or steam cleaned as per existing condition.
  • The carpet fibres should be given prime attention during the process of steam cleaning.
  • Special attention should be on urine treatments damaging the affected area, and for that, a water claw should be used as a hand device to extract urine stains and odour from the carpet and its underlay.
  • The last thing is to roll up the carpet after finishing all the steps.

There are several views as regards carpet cleaning. One school of thought view steam cleaning may probably be the best way to safely remove spots, odours and dirt without leaving any trace behind. However, some related experts say that dry carpet cleaning is most effective. The onus lies on the home cleaning service providers after proper assessment. In common practice, it depends upon the season, i.e. summer and winter are best for steam cleaning and dry cleaning respectively. 

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