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Ozclean has a reputation for having a high regard for customer service. We attained this status in the hearts of our clients with the help of our dedicated and well-trained team of experts. Our team can help you get rid of all the germs and bacteria while leaving your carpet smelling fresh and breezy. We make sure to provide you with the best carpet and rug cleaning services, we can get your old and dirty rugs to look as good as new.

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Importance of Rug & Carpet cleaning

Routinely cleaned carpets will always give a better appearance, with their fresh and glimmering look. Enhancing the overall decor of the room.

Dirty rugs and carpets will have a lot of dead cells and other particulates in them which might lead to serious respiratory health issues. Carpets that are regularly maintained will not give off any musty smell that may disrupt your busy life. So having a clean carpet or rug will give you better quality air to breathe.

Your Carpets might be home to many dangerous guests like mites, germs, and bacterias that can cause many health issues, skin allergies, sneezing, or any other breathing issues. This may be very dangerous to kids and pets who could be sensitive to dust.

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Our Cleaning Process

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

We primarily specialize in providing two types of cleaning services: Steam cleaning and Dry cleaning.

Hot water extraction cleaning (HWE) or Steam cleaning is a deep cleaning process. Steam cleaning helps get rid of even very old stains that are ruining the fabulous look of your room. Steam cleaning is ideal for getting rid of all kinds of germs and bacteria along with giving a fresh look to your carpet.

Dry cleaning uses very little water to provide faster drying, making your carpets usable much quicker. The carpet is first pre-conditioned using our eco-friendly cleaning agents. The rug is then vacuumed to get rid of all the residual dust and dirt giving a very neat and clean look.

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Benefits of Ozclean Rug & Carpet Cleaning Services

Having a positive and welcoming ambiance is important whether it is at the office or at home. Having a dirty rug or carpet will disrupt the whole room, especially if there is any foul odor lingering in the room. Having a cleaning routine for your carpet will keep your carpets clean and smelling fresh along with increasing the life of your carpet. Signing up for our customized plans can help keep your carpet clean and hygienic all year round.  We operate day and night, so we don’t need to disrupt any of your day-to-day operations.

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We are equipped to handle any kinds of pests that may be present in your home. Please let us know if you are facing any kind of pest and our trained technicians will handle it. We are more than happy to make your home a safe place.

We are professionally trained to clean any kind of carpet and deal with almost any kind of stain. We can not guarantee that we can get all the stains out, but we will treat every stain to restore your carpet to its former glory. If there is something concerning our technicians will let you know. 

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