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Ozclean’s cleaning services packs the best cleaning methods in the industry. From stain clearance to pest control, we have the best line-up of methodologies that works. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about wasting your weekend, make a booking right away. Sign up for a service, and our experts will get back to you.

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Hiring professional cleaning services saves you time and money. Be it a commercial building or cleaning your carpets, it is no easy job. These professionals make your life simple by doing the hard work for you. A clean environment, be it at work or home, is essential to bring out of happiness out of people. While you ask for help from a cleaning company to clean your home, you would not have to worry about your bond money or your kid’s allergy. Moreover, professionals let you keep the cleaning experience more organized instead of a tiresome day.

Ozclean is one of the emerging professional cleaning services from Queensland, Australia. Thanks to our valuable customers, their fantastic feedback for our services are letting us grow day by day. We are a firm that puts our customers at the center to give them the best. Our team of experienced professionals ensures a clean and hygienic living and working atmosphere for our clients. Ozclean’s cleaning services are available for both commercial and domestic clients, ranging from carpet cleanings to commercial kitchen cleanings. So, the next time you are concerned about the tidiness of your home or business, feel free to call us in to help you out.


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We are locally owned so that you can avail of our top-rated cleaning services without waiting for long.

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Closing in on a single cleaning company for your home or business is a difficult task. However, choosing Ozclean to do your cleaning is the easiest part when it comes to choosing the right service. With the safest and environmentally friendly techniques that we provide, Ozclean delivers the best cleaning services in Queensland, and at a reasonable price. This way, we ensure the tidiness of your home or business without making your day tedious.

You can save money as you do not have to invest in chemicals or tools to clean your house/office. Apart from saving money, our professional cleaning services ensure that you do not waste your time as well. Being a local service provider allows us to deliver our service easy and fast. There are no hectic backend processes at our disposal to make the task any harder for you.

Each house or office is different. Therefore, our commercial cleaning services will be flexible to use methods that your place demands. Hence, we can give back your house or office just the way you want it to be. Be it a stain or a pest control issue, our team of cleaners will ensure a safe environment for you and your family. Moreover, the trustworthiness of our cleaner comes without asking. Each cleaner is police-verified to ensure safety for our customers. Our professional cleaners will be as good as a friend to help you out on cleaning your home.

Our cleaning services can reach you 24×7 based on your schedule. If you want to surprise your wife before she arrives the next morning, we got you covered. With customers as our priority, we also have a responsive team for you to reach us. The customer care services are active from 9 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Friday.

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Franchise opportunity

Circumstances in 2020, with COVID19 taking its toll, has raised a demand for the cleaning industry. Sanitization procedures have outgrown from bathrooms to entire houses and buildings right now. With such an expansion, better ways and better strategies are already laid by industry professionals to make your homes and buildings better. And if you are an aspiring entrepreneur trying to start a cleaning business, this is your right time.

Ozclean’s cleaning franchise program lets you partner-up with our brand with the smallest investment. And as a partner, you have the privilege of being a part of our well-established brand and access to our premium customer list. These resources will give you a head start among your competitors while you take our name to deliver your first cleaning service.

Our franchise program allows our partners to use our expertise in the field and get the best training. Besides, you will also have an active support system that connects you directly to us. With Ozclean cleaning franchise, at your disposal will be the best equipment and supplies to deliver a great cleaning experience to your customers. Contact us right away for further discussions.​