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Carpet Cleaning

Upholstered furniture can enhance the ambience of your living space by adding both comfort and elegance. The right kind of upholstery can give your rooms a beautiful aesthetic boost. You can even reupholster various pieces of furniture, such as couches, chairs, and sofas, among others. Investing in upholstered furniture is worthwhile as it can create a cosier atmosphere in your rooms. However, because it is a significant investment, you should take steps to protect it and ensure it lasts for years to come.

Professional carpet cleaning is an essential service that can provide a range of benefits, including deep cleaning, stain removal, improved indoor air quality, elimination of odours, extended carpet lifespan, and saved time and effort. Carpet cleaning professionals have the expertise, equipment, and cleaning products necessary to provide a thorough clean that goes beyond what can be achieved through regular vacuuming and spot cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning can save homeowners time and effort by taking care of the deep cleaning that is necessary to keep carpets looking their best. This can be particularly beneficial for homeowners with busy schedules or those who are unable to perform physical labour due to health issues or disabilities.

At Ozclean, our carpet cleaning services are not only reasonably priced but also the best in the industry. We utilize advanced equipment, such as a carpet extractor, to thoroughly clean and remove stains and spots from your carpets. We also offer same-day carpet cleaning services and can accommodate cleaning outside of regular business hours for office carpets to minimize any disruptions to daily business operations. With our team's knowledge and extensive experience, we provide a range of carpet cleaning services that can revitalize your carpet and give it a fresh lease on life.


Your space will be cleaned and also disinfected by following the right cleaning methods.

Why professional carpet cleaning?

Reduce allergens and toxins

Although carpets and rugs can add a cozy ambiance to a space, they can also have adverse effects on your health if not adequately maintained. Failure to clean carpets and rugs frequently can lead to a decrease in air quality in the room. Many people are unaware that the accumulation of dust and dead cells in carpets and rugs can cause various respiratory problems, such as allergies, wheezing, and asthma. Additionally, pests and dust mites can thrive in unclean carpets and rugs, exacerbating these issues. Maintaining clean and well-kept carpets and rugs can significantly improve the air quality of a room, creating a positive atmosphere for its occupants.

Improve the ambience

It may surprise you to learn that carpets play a significant role in maintaining a positive environment. Despite adding warmth and cosiness to a space, dirty carpets and rugs can emit unpleasant odours that can make your surroundings uncomfortable. This can ultimately affect the productivity of the entire area. By regularly engaging the services of a professional carpet and rug cleaner, your carpets and rugs will remain clean, cosy, and fresh, enhancing the overall ambience of the space. Clean and fresh carpets and rugs not only improve the air quality of a room but also elevate its aesthetic appeal.

Increase life of carpet

Carpets and rugs serve both a practical and luxurious purpose in a space. They create ambience, insulate the floor, and reduce foot traffic and noise. There is a wide variety of carpets and rugs available in different fabrics and origins, each with specific cleaning and maintenance requirements. With the right care and upkeep, carpets and rugs can last for an extended period. By engaging the services of a professional cleaner for regular cleaning, a rug can maintain its charm and durability for years to come.


Why hire Ozclean carpet cleaning services?

If you want to free up your time for other activities, it's important to partner with a reputable and highly skilled cleaning company. By choosing Ozclean, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that we utilize reliable tools, products, and top-tier services to meet your carpet cleaning needs. Ordinary cleaning chemicals, shampoos, and techniques are not sufficient for cleaning carpets and rugs. Carpets made of different fibres, yarns, and materials require specific treatments and cleaning agents. Our expert staff, thanks to years of experience, can easily identify the correct treatment to apply for your carpet. At Ozclean, we use the latest cleaning supplies and shampoos to achieve the best possible results.


Our Cleaning Process

  • Pre-inspection
  • Vacuuming
  • Pre-conditioning
  • Extraction
  • Neutralizing pH balance
  • Grooming
  • Drying
  • Setting the carpet pile
  • Post-Inspection

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

Our primary cleaning services include steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction (HWE), is the most preferred treatment that is used for carpet cleaning. This method is the most effective way to eliminate difficult stains, pet odours, and virtually all types of germs and bacteria. Our advanced cleaning solution is combined with hot water to achieve optimal results. After the cleaning process, carpets and rugs will dry quickly and be free from dirt and odours.

By using a minimal amount of water and a potent cleaning solution, our dry carpet cleaning process will leave your carpet both dry and pleasantly scented. This is a highly cost-effective and efficient method for cleaning carpets and rugs. We use environmentally friendly methods to remove all dirt and oil from carpets, and then vacuum them to eliminate any remaining debris or stains. With our services, you won't need to worry about the issue of damp carpets.

Our Service Packages

Steam cleaning

  • Deeper cleaning: Aids in the removal of all of the most resistant stains from the carpet.
  • Very few Chemicals: Chemicals are used sparingly.
  • Increases Durability: With careful cleaning, you can significantly extend the longevity of your carpet.
  • Kills Germs: Steam kills almost all germs, mites, and allergens.

Dry cleaning

  • Immediate use: Dry cleaning is ideal for heavy traffic environments since the carpets are almost always able to be stepped on.
  • Cleaner Carpet: Our hygiene products aid with the elimination of mold, germs, and other forms of bacteria.
  • Restore Carpet: After the cleaning process, the carpet will be back in its original condition.
  • No Carpet Shrinkage: Our cleaning techniques ensure that there will be no carpet shrinkage.

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