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Look no further for the best bond cleaners in Hobart. We, Ozlcean provide the best bond cleaning or end of hotel ease cleaning service and experience in Hobart. Bond cleaning is an easy task if you have the right set of people, the right set of professionally qualified staff to do the job. We know what the landlord expects how the place should look during the final inspection. We will do about the cleaning process to restore the place back to its original form.

We are finally expanding our cleaning services to Hobart also. After a long wait people of Hobart can experience what true cleaning feels like. All our cleaning plans are easy on the pockets and are fully customizable. No matter how messed up the place is, we can fix it. We guarantee you a hundred a per cent bond money-back guarantee cleaning service. After our cleaning, the landlord won’t raise any objection to the move-out process and will happily return your bond money back. We start our bond cleaning process with an onsite survey as the time frame and budget can be confirmed after seeing the space in person.


Your space will be cleaned and also disinfected by following the right cleaning methods.


The right knowledge and expertise, the right cleaning solutions and tools, work completion on time, and many more. With all these advantages, why skip out the assistance of professional bond cleaners. Leave the bond cleaning to the professionals and focus your time and effort on other important things. We are serious when we talk about the expertise and knowledge, as they are needed to restore the place to its original condition or a condition that is pleasing to the landlord. With our cleaning, we promise a hundred per cent bond money-back guarantee, that is how confident we are with our cleaning results.

Now, taking up the task of bond cleaning by oneself is where the problem lies. Going out to buy all the cleaning solutions, tools and other needed stuff just adds unnecessary expenses as you won’t be using the tools and the leftover cleaning solution anymore. Most importantly the cleaning result, won’t be what you expected it to be. So, there is unnecessary expense and loss of time and effort without yielding any result. With our bond cleaning service in Hobart, we will bring the needed cleaning solutions and tools, thereby reducing the amount of money you spend overall. With us the final result is always the best, it is our assurance. After our cleaning process, the landlord won’t raise any sort of objection during the final inspection and you can vacate the place with your bond money returned fully.

With professional cleaners, you are guaranteed a proper cleaning result with no sort of damages happening to the place. Here in Hobart, we start our work with an onsite survey, to see the space in person, to assess the condition. After thoroughly inspecting the place, we would present you with a list, all the while keeping the checklist given by the landlord in hand. It is of utmost importance to clean the place inside out and not just limit oneself to the items mentioned on the checklist given by the landlord.

We are not just limited to bond cleaning or end-of-the-lease cleaning, but also provide a multitude of cleaning services like carpet cleaning, roof cleaning, pool cleaning, and so on. We provide all our cleaning services to everyone in Hobart, all year long. Making a reservation is a simple process, a straightforward one with no multiple forms filling up. Call us at 0400 121 121 or book through our website and we are done.


Qualified Cleaning Experts

Be it a commercial space or office space, we have the right team for all the cleaning procedures. Our experts have the proper expertise and knowledge and have undergone rigorous training before being listed for service.

Tailor-Made Cleaning Plans

The customer has full freedom when it comes to choosing which all services are required. All of our cleaning plans are modifiable from the ground up. Choose the services you want and discard the rest and we are good to go. Having plans that are customizable allows you to save money.

Customer Service

We place a lot of emphasis on customer service and satisfaction and our helpline is active 24x7. You can avail of our customer service by calling us at 0400 121 121 at any time and we are here to clear all your queries. We are here to provide assistance to every single cleaning need out there



Time is inching close to your move out and process, the search for the best bond cleaners has started. In Hobart look no more, as we Ozclean are the best bond cleaning or end of the lease cleaning service provider. Passing the final inspection is not an easy task, and the only way to pass the final inspection is to restore the place to a form that is acceptable.

That is where we come into play. Over the course of our long time in the field of cleaning business, we have seen places of all kinds. We have tackled and fixed all sorts of problems from minor to major ones and we always deliver the best result. Our team of experienced and high qualified bond cleaners would the needed cleaning to make the move-out process an easy one. We will clean the place inside out, thoroughly and do the needed work so that the landlord will return the bond money without any objection. All our cleaning plans are priced in such a way that they can be accessed by everyone and are highly customizable. The customer decided what is needed and not.


  • Cleaning Oven walls, grills, and trays without any traces.
  • Regular cleaning of Range Hood.
  • Cleaning stove tops, grease, and gunk and making them sparkle.
  • Removes grease from the filters.
  • Deep cleaning kitchen cabinets and cupboards, shelves inside and out.
  • Cleaning Bench tops and it’s surfaces.
  • Drain holes, Sinks, taps, and plugs will be deeply cleaned.
  • Remove dust bunnies from the glass, blade, accessible lighting fixtures, and other components.
  • Cleaning air vents.
  • Bathtub cleaning
  • Profession cleaning of vents and fan blades.
  • Cleaning the exterior and underneath the toilet bowl
  • Cabinet cleaning
  • Floor cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Organise clothes
  • Collection, sorting and washing
  • Drying, ironing and folding
  • Windowpane cleaning
  • Deep cleaning curtains
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Cleaning wardrobes, cupboards
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Cleaning of kitchen appliances
  • Deep cleaning of curtains
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Cleaning drawers
  • Cleaning switches and handles,
  • Vacuuming rugs or carpets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Usually it takes 6 to 8 hours. And it also depends upon the size of your property and your requirements.

We offer customisable bond cleaning services. You can add exterior cleaning, driveway cleaning, garden cleaning and much more.

It is advisable to book a bond clean one week before the lease ends. This will help us schedule and allocate our staff for you. We also offer a 24*7 cleaning service so you can reach out to us at any time, any day.

Our services are always transparent for you. There is will no hidden charges or extras. We give you the exact cost of our service after our inspection process.