Top 10 symptoms of termite infestation

Top 10 symptoms of termite infestation.

“Termites” are a regular problem found in homes. It can be seen anywhere, it is not limited to your house, but can also be seen in the garage or anywhere else. It’s a living creature that lives deep inside the furniture that is made of woods.  They live as a colony and damage your property. Termites are attracted by the moisture, wood that is used for house foundation, etc. The damage that can be caused by the termites at home is very severe. Termites can spread very easily within a short period, and they can multiply fast which leads to infestation. So, we can say it’s really necessary to reach pest control services for our home. Having termite inspection at home is very helpful in making our home free from these termites.

What attracts termites to our house?

The main factor that attracts termites inside the house is woods because people keep wood as a pile in their homes which helps termites to enter your homes. In addition to that termites are also attracted to the moisture, woods that are used in foundations split in building exteriors. The fusing of these factors attracts different species. Another factor is the geographic location. It plays a crucial role in attracting termites. Pests can be seen anywhere in homes like carpet, couches, curtains , etc so always do your best in keeping your house clean.

Evidence that helps you to identify termites in your home

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What happens if you leave termites untreated? How long does it take to get rid of termites?

Normally we do something to destroy these termites, but if we leave them untreated it can damage our house very badly which may lead to the collapse of the building. It can take up to  3 to 8 years for termites to damage your property depending on their colony size. So spotting them at the early stage helps us in termite extermination.

If we are seeking the help of professionals, termites get destroyed within a day or two. It can also take longer depending upon the infestation. Termites are active all the time, so termite prevention is a yearly process. However, the winter months are more appropriate for destroying it.


Termites are really bad for our house as they create damage to our property. Once the termite infestation occurs it is difficult to get rid of it completely. Homeowners try to get rid of the termites, but we may miss some spots, leading to forming another infestation. So always try to reach pest control agencies for house cleaning. They are professionals and know how to control it and destroy it with their finest equipment. If you ever spot termites in your house leave it untouched and avoid treating it with household fly sprays because if we do it incorrectly they move to another spot in your house and keep on damaging your property. So with all these facts, we can say that pest control is very necessary for our home. 

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