Nothing is more serene than a home without dust, pests, and germs. It makes you livelier and tension-free. But what if your home is prey to pests. It can seriously be a nightmare for you. So what you should do to keep your unwanted guests at bay? Take our help. We are Ozclean, a company that devotes itself to keep the pests away from your home. We work on each and every corner of your home and strive to keep pests and germs away. Meanwhile what you can do at your level to stay safe at home? We will tell you.

  • Survey your house- do a deep inspection; dig deep to find for the traces of pests. Unlike germs, all pests are harmful. So, don’t take the inspection lightly. Don’t leave any stone unturned, check for each hole, cabinet, washroom, or kitchen.
  • Close their entry points- pests go in and out of your home through a hole or a vent. Try and block them so that there are no harmful pests entering your home. Now you need to find a solution only for ones those who are at home.
  • Find their den- pests usually reside behind any furniture that you don’t move a lot. They even can be behind a photo frame or in the attic. Find the places where they hide only then you can start the treatment
  • Start the treatment- use pest killing chemicals, make sure your kids are not at home. Spray it on the pests as well as places where they reside. You can also use a mixture of bleach, water, and soap to put them down. Later when you are sure they are no longer alive. Throw them out. The job is done!

For the more dangerous one, you can take our help. Our experts are at your service 24 hours to keep you and your loved ones away from hazards.

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