If you have installed carpets in your house, you might be already stressed about the bombarding dirt and stains on it. So, you can give a good start to maintain a healthy environment around by carpet cleaning.

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The efficient team of cleaners at Ozclean is trained to win your trust by their premium quality services. We employ effective techniques to deliver neatness and remove the stubborn stains. Let us now discuss the various tips and tricks that go into the daily battle with dirt to ensure a super clean carpet.

Vacuum your carpets properly

Try to maintain some order while performing your cleaning rituals. Follow these steps to ensure proper carpet cleaning:

  • Dusting the dirt off the surfaces: First, start by dusting your furniture, baseboards, window frames, blinds, and places where dust usually sets up. Thereafter, vacuum the fallen residue.
  • Use proper vacuum attachments: As per the vacuuming area, different vacuum attachments are required. You can use a cranny extension and a nozzle attachment if you need to reach under any furniture to clean the accumulated dust.
  • Right adjustment of vacuum head: You need to adjust the vacuum head to the right height at which it offers the best suction and airflow.
  • Vacuum frequently: Different households need different frequency of cleaning. It is vital to remove the allergens from your living space and prevent the accumulation of dust to ensure a clean home.


Treat the carpet stains carefully

  • You can enjoy the comfort of a rug for years if you treat your carpet stains immediately after they occur. You can use the following techniques to get rid of them such as absorbing or blotting the spill, spreading baking soda over the stained area then, let it stay for about 15 minutes and vacuum it.
  • You must test your cleaning solution before using them to test that they don’t cause damage to your fibers.
  • Blotting the spill is preferable over rubbing it. Do not scrub the stains and for fresh ones, use a cold and damp cloth to blot them until the marks fade away.

Ensure deep cleaning without any machine

A good cleaning is also possible without any machine and it tends to give more satisfying results. Let us learn about these methods.

  • You can scrub the stain with a toothbrush dipped in warm and soapy water. Stay careful and do not wet the carpet too much. Turn on the fans or open the windows to dry the carpet faster. Next, you can vacuum the residue.
  • You can also use natural disinfectants if you are not free to deep clean them. Its usage depends upon the frequency of the traffic in a particular area. And, spraying the disinfectant on piled up dirt won’t help as it is just meant to freshen up the carpets.

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