The Ultimate Bond Cleaning Guide You Need

Bond Cleaning guide

Are you preparing yourselves to move out from your rental property? Or are you a property owner who is about to give out your place for a new lease? Well, this article is going to educate you on the importance of the Bond Cleaning Procedure and why you should take it seriously. You might be aware of this process, but still, what to do and what not to do, which checklist to follow, should you actually consider a professional Bond Cleaning Service provider, etc… might be questions that makes this whole process more ambiguous. This article will provide you the right guidance along with a complete checklist you need to fulfill while carrying out the task of bond cleaning. 


What is Bond Cleaning?


Bond cleaning is sometimes called exit cleaning or end-of-lease cleaning. When you write a rental agreement, you will approve a clause that will make you accountable for a certain number of things. This makes you accountable for the damages that occurred to the property during your rental period. When you decide to relocate or lease out from that particular property, you will have to make sure that the place is restored to the state it was prior to your rental period.

You will have to make the place free from any sort of damages, clean, and ensure that all the functionalities run smoothly. This is critical because one will have to go through an inspection procedure to ensure the above requirements. Only if these conditions are met, the landlord will return the bond money back to the tenant. On the contrary, the landlord will have all the authority to hold back a certain amount from the bond amount for the damages incurred to the property. 


The process of Bond Cleaning addresses cleaning these properties comprehensively in accordance with the needs listed in the agreement. There is also a checklist that specifies all the requirements for this cleaning procedure with respect to specific areas in your property. This checklist might vary according to the conditions and requirements listed in your agreement. If you are a tenant, bond cleaning is thus crucial for you in order to claim your bond money back. If you are a landlord, bond cleaning will help in making your property look brand new and fully functional. This will help you in securing quality tenants for property lease, rentals, or sales. 


Guide to Start Out With Bond Cleaning


Bond cleaning is, therefore, no simple task. It has to be performed systematically with great care and precautions. Because if one thing goes wrong, it will create greater impacts than what you anticipate and the damage could be irreversible too. 

Before proceeding to the Bond Cleaning Checklist, let us look at some aspects of bond cleaning in detail. At times even when you hire professional bond cleaners, their checklist might not include these services and you might have to perform it separately. We are covering these areas separately because this is extremely important and crucial when it comes to the whole bond cleaning procedures. 


  • Start By Making Out A Bond Clean Checklist of your Own


Bond Cleaning, as well as relocation, is a time-consuming process. One will have to stay organized and systematic in carrying this out. There is a high chance that you miss out on something or the other. So the best way to track all the work and to ensure comprehensive cleaning is by preparing a checklist.

This is not exactly the cleaning checklist we discussed but in fact a route map checklist. Here you can mark to-dos, list out things to pack, list out things you need before you leave, the equipment you need to carry out a particular task, etc. This will make your plans more organized as well as easy to track. 


  • Check functionalities and equipment


Before you start with the cleaning procedures, make sure to inspect the whole property. If you hire professional cleaners, chances are that you might get to avail of an inspection free of cost. But it is always best if you try to inspect the property and develop an idea about the things that need to be fixed, areas that require special attention, particular stains, and marks, things that are in perfect condition, etc. This will help you prioritize cleaning requirements and your preferred cleaning packages. 


  • Inspect Door Knobs, Handles, and Fixtures


Look for damages in all the hangings, doorknobs, fixtures, and handles of drawers and cupboards. When you perform cleaning, do not miss out on these details. Remember to clean them properly and to restore the shine and lustrous appeal of these things. In case you find them damaged or ruptured, try replacing them immediately before your final inspection. 


  • Clean Carpet and Rugs


Carpets and rugs are definitely long-term investments in your property and they do last for a couple of years. But the benefits they offer come in with high maintenance requirements. They will have buildups, grime, dirt, molds, germs, dead cells, etc which will not just damage the looks but cause harmful ailments. Remember to prioritize carpet and rug cleaning when you prepare yourselves for end-of-lease.  


  • Windows and Door Cleaning


You may miss out on cleaning your doors and window during the tenure time, but do not make the same mistake when you are nearing your lease period. The damages, stains, and dullness of your windows and doors will definitely reflect. Therefore make sure to include Door and Window Cleaning in your Bond Cleaning process. 


Apart from all these, do prioritize disinfecting and sanitizing the whole premise. This will ensure that the place is completely safe from any microbes or disease-causing pathogens. Check with your professional cleaning partner if they provide the same with their Bond Cleaning Package.

Bond Cleaning guide

Bond Cleaning Checklist 


As mentioned earlier, each landlord might have different requirements with regard to the property. Therefore before you start with the bond cleaning procedures, go through your agreements and understand what are the requirements stated in them. Given below is a checklist that is usually followed during the process of bond cleaning. There can be additions and reductions to this list depending upon the requirements of each client. 



  • Clean – Oven walls, grills, air vents, stovetops, rangehood, filters, benchtops, and trays 
  • Deep clean – Kitchen cabinets, cupboards, shelves 
  • Drain – Any holes, Sinks, taps
  • Removal – Debris, dust bunnies.


All Rooms

  • Clean – Cupboards, window panes, light switches, wardrobes, outlet cover, and drawers.
  • Clear – Filaments, and cobwebs, shutters, channels, tracks, PVC frames, and ledges.
  • Detailing – Doors, skirting boards, and Window ledges.
  • Spot cleaning walls 
  • Sweeping and mopping 



  • Clean – shower doors, shower head, and shower screens, benchtops
  • Clear –  hard water scale and calcium, grime, and gunk.
  • Wash – bath, toilets, and basins, tile surfaces, and grout 
  • Polish – Mirrors.
  • Dust – air vents.



  • Clean and Mop – floors.
  • Spot cleaning – walls, wash cupboards, and sink.
  • Remove – buildups and cobwebs.



  • Sweep and mop – floor.
  • Remove – cobweb.


Extras if Required

  • Check – Pest control
  • Damp wipe – window sills, frames, door frames, furniture, etc.
  • Vacuum – upholstered furniture
  • Clean – Carpet, blinds, pools
  • Remove – Garbage and Waste


The Endnote

No matter you prefer to do Bond Cleaning all by yourselves or by hiring Professional Bond Cleaning services, make sure to go through your agreement. Develop a thorough understanding before you start your preparations for bond cleaning. It is highly recommended that you entrust the work with professional cleaners. If you are preoccupied with the notion that hiring professional bond cleaners will cost you a fortune, well you are wrong. Hiring professional cleaners is far more productive and cost-efficient.


First of all bond cleaning is much serious because if anything goes wrong, you will lose your bond money. Another aspect is regarding the quality of cleaning. Professional cleaners will be acquainted with the right ways to fix each and every damage and targeting particular issues related to it. They will also have the access to top-notch tools and the best cleaning solutions customized to clean each specific area and stains. Moreover, bond cleaning is a heavy activity, and performing it all by yourself will definitely drain you in and out. You can get really messy and carried away with the packing and relocation stuff and bond cleaning will be an extra burden for you. So, the best way is to keep calm and trust professionals.

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