Office Cleaning

Maintaining a hygienic and well-organized office space is crucial for various reasons, including safeguarding employees' health and well-being, enhancing productivity, projecting a professional image, preserving office assets, and complying with regulatory standards. An unclean workplace can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, leading to the spread of illnesses like colds, flu, and other contagious diseases. Keeping the workspace tidy and sanitized can lower the risk of employee absenteeism caused by sickness and contribute to a healthier work environment. Employing the services of a professional cleaning company can save companies both time and money while ensuring that their office space is cleaned to the highest possible standards.

Ozclean is the leading office cleaning service provider in Newcastle that caters to businesses with substantial cleaning needs. Opting for Ozclean's commercial cleaning services is an excellent choice for maintaining a tidy workplace. Upon signing a contract with Ozclean, you can relax, assured that your workplace will be cleaned regularly. Our proficient team of experts will handle all the cleaning tasks, so you can focus on your work. Messy and disorganised workstations, equipment, and furnishings can impede productivity and concentration, which is why we ensure that every nook and cranny of your property is frequently cleaned by our skilled and well-trained staff.

Ozclean has established itself as a top-tier commercial cleaning provider in Newcastle by delivering unparalleled service quality and demonstrating an unwavering dedication to our work. We recognise the distinct concerns and individualised cleaning demands of each of our clients, and our proficient team is adept at providing superior office cleaning services. Our clients can select from various packages that align with their requirements and financial plan. Our scheduling options are flexible, and our customer care centre operates 24/7, making it effortless to book our services. Our experienced staff is well-versed in handling delicate office equipment with great care.

Our Services

Why Hire Ozclean For Office Cleaning?

Meticulous cleaning

Ozclean provides a comprehensive selection of office cleaning services in Newcastle, encompassing high-traffic zones, workstations, bathrooms, cafeteria areas, and wash facilities. Our objective is to guarantee that your commercial property appears immaculate, and we are committed to delivering a meticulous cleaning experience. Our team of exceptionally proficient office cleaners are devoted to their work and do not procrastinate during working hours.

Reasonable pricing

At Ozclean, we know the importance of office and commercial cleaning services to our customers and give priority to their needs. We offer cost-effective quotes that take into consideration our customers' concerns and requirements. Our service quotes are customised and provided free of charge to our customers, reflecting their specific needs. Additionally, our team provides free inspection services to help our customers identify the areas that require cleaning and maintenance.

Customer-friendly services

At Ozclean, we value time management and convenience for our customers the most. Our proficient cleaners and customer support representatives prioritise your schedule to provide a stress-free cleaning experience. Our team is available round the clock to offer assistance and services when needed. We offer weekend services at affordable rates, so time constraints are not a concern. Furthermore, we provide weekend day cleaning services at no additional cost, giving you the flexibility to select the cleaning schedule that suits you best.

Ozclean’s Office Cleaning Process

  • To get in touch with our team, simply fill out the contact form and request a free quote.
  • Our team will promptly contact you to discuss your office's location, and if you wish, you can request our free inspection service in Newcastle.
  • Our team will provide you with a customised quote based on the information gathered.
  • Scheduling an appointment with us is simple and convenient, as we strive to accommodate your schedule.
  • Once you've booked your appointment, our team will arrive at your office and follow our approved checklist while taking into account your specific requirements.
  • Customers can also request specific services based on their preferences.
  • Our office cleaning services in Newcastle include thorough sterilisation, sanitisation, and disinfection process to ensure a clean and healthy environment.
  • You have the flexibility to choose your preferred frequency of cleaning services, whether it's daily, fortnightly, or weekly, to suit your convenience.
  • Our team takes great care in handling all office equipment, and you can rest assured that there won't be any damage.
  • To ensure that our services meet your expectations, we conduct a final inspection after completing the cleaning process.
  • If you feel that we missed something, our team will immediately rectify the issue at no extra cost to you.

We Also Cover

  • Waiting rooms, entrance premises, reception area
  • Kitchen and Canteen area along with equipment
  • Workstation, including all equipment and furniture
  • Handrails and Door Knobs
  • Meeting rooms, conference and seminar halls
  • Toilets, restrooms, and locker rooms

What Is Our Cleaning Process Like?


We take pride in offering a complete range of office cleaning services in Newcastle that effectively remove all stains, filth, hard stains, and dust. Our skilled staff members take great care to polish every surface to a brilliant shine once the cleaning process is complete. They are adept at identifying problem areas in your office and taking every necessary step to ensure they are cleaned thoroughly. We always use the most suitable cleaning agents and solutions to achieve the best possible results. In addition to facility cleaning, we also provide commercial floor cleaning services.


At Ozclean, we understand that certain chemicals can cause skin irritation and allergies, which is why our skilled cleaners take special care to use them efficiently to ensure that the area is free of toxins. Our team uses powerful disinfectants that are effective against all types of pathogens, providing a safe and hygienic environment for your office. By eliminating allergens and germs from surfaces, we help to reduce the risk of illness and improve the overall health of your workplace.


To ensure that no important areas are missed during the cleaning, we conduct a post-cleaning inspection to double-check our work. We also perform a sterilization process to eliminate any remaining germs or microorganisms that may pose a risk to individuals within the office building. This process is crucial in making sure that the workplace is completely safe for everyone to work in, as it effectively eradicates any disease-causing microorganisms.


At Ozclean, we understand the importance of not only thoroughly cleaning your workspace but also ensuring that it is completely free of germs and microorganisms. To achieve this, our skilled staff members complete a comprehensive sanitization process in addition to the finishing touches after a thorough cleaning. We also take care to polish and sanitize the area to eliminate any remaining microorganisms, ensuring that the space is completely free of germs and microorganisms.


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