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Bond cleaning is mainly used as a term for deep cleaning of the entire property of the clients. These are mainly contracts that include several options that you want the service providers to clean. The service provider opts for the clients’ different types of cleaning, from entire property to only carpet cleaning.

Some companies also control the pest; do pressure cleaning, and also upholstery cleaning. Go through this article and learn about the different types of inclusion in bond cleaning.



It includes general cleaning, cleaning of kitchen, bathrooms, and also laundry. There general cleaning includes:

General Cleaning

  • Cleaning of air conditioners fans and also filters. The company sends professionals to maintain electrical appliances.
  • Cleaning of drawers, cupboards, and also dressing tables. They manage these entire courses with ease.
  • Removing dirt from the windows. This includes both in and out. The service providers have effective tools to do so.
  • Mopping is another task that must be included in the general cleaning. You must make sure that the company includes this task in its bond cleaning.


Bathroom Cleaning

  • Cleaning of toilets, pans, and also cisterns. The bathroom cleaning and cleaning of toilet seats, showers, cisterns must be in their bond.
  • Polishing taps sinks and also rails for the towels. These are some basic points that you should look for in the bathroom cleaning bond. Sometimes the clients think these are small house courses and do not pay any heed. But you must make sure that each penny is worth it.
  • Cleaning of exhaust fans in the toilets is a part of the bond cleaning.

These are some basic inclusions of the bond cleaning. Connect with the Ozclean – Sunshine and let them do all the above courses, while you enjoy sitting back.

So you are not forever stuck in your place and there might be situations where you will have to shift your house. In such cases, you will have a bond refund unless and until your present house is cleaned and evaluated by the owner. At this point in time, you will be busy in shifting your things and you get hardly any time to clean your apartment. Naturally, you tend to trust this job with a professional because after all getting it cleaned and refunding the bond money is important. There are many cleaning services that provide high-quality bond cleaning services so that you can just sit back and relax and all your cleaning will be done in just a few hours. Ozclean is one of the few cleaning agents that offer you affordable and best bond cleaning services.

You might be thinking about what do actually people do in bond cleaning. well its quite simple and it varies from each cleaning service.


  • General cleaning is done such as cleaning air conditioning fans and filters.
  • Mopping of floors and this is generally an important task that has to be included in bond cleaning.
  • Window cleaning both inside as well as outside. make sure they remove each and every dust from the windows.
  • Cleaning drawers, cupboards where a high amount of dust can be accumulated over the years.
  • Bathroom cleaning — another major task involved in Bond cleaning where the experts come and clean toilets, pans, cisterns. This should be definitely included in their bond.
  • Polishing taps and cisterns and also cleaning of exhaust fans.


It is always better to trust a professional as even though you clean on your own there might be situations where you are not satisfied with the results. You can contact Ozclean or login to the webpage to get a brief idea of various types of cleaning.

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