Domestic Cleaners: Cleaning is not as difficult as you think

Domestic Cleaners: Cleaning is not as difficult as you think

A hygienic environment is always important in our lives. With the outbreak of viruses and diseases, it becomes even more crucial to keep your surroundings disinfected and clean. Cleaning indoors as well as outdoors may be tough, but it isn’t. If you have the right tools and effective agents to clean the domestic courses, it would take only a few hours to complete. There are instances where clients think domestic cleaning needs different types of equipment, and therefore forbid to do so. They call the third parties to get their job done easily with professional cleaning services. First of all, you need an exact agent for a particular cleaning. Here are some effective and popular domestic cleaners that you can use to clean your house.


Types of Cleaning Agents

The standard of cleaning agents depends on the materials and condition of the surfaces that need to be cleaned. You need to be cautious while picking up the right cleaning agent for each surface. Cleaning agents are often used for hygiene, better appearance, and for longer life on the surface. The most common and effective cleaning agents that are easily available are degreasers, detergents, acids, and also abrasives.


  1. Degreasers

    The main use of the degreasers is to remove the greases or other oily, sticky substances. These are mainly found on top of the oven, grills, oven counters, and sometimes backsplashes. During cooking, the oil evaporates and tends to stick on the walls. Common cleaning liquids are not effective to remove and degrease. It is also used for cleaning dirt off the kitchen floors. They are ideal for unclogging water faucets blocked by calcium deposits. Degreasers are generally used to unjam the doors and gates for smooth functioning. Sometimes it is used as a substitute agent for carpet cleaning by mixing it with a little soap. The best and most effective substances that work as degreasers are White spirits or Methylated spirits. Several cleaning companies use these to clean your house.


  1. Detergents

    Detergents are very common, and also effective cleaning agents. They can be used for many other purposes other than cleaning dishes and clothes. You can easily find it at any grocery store. Many cleaning companies use detergents to clean dirt or dust walls and floors. If you have them in your house, apply them to the floor with water. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes and wash it with a scrub. Your tiles and floors will now shine like brand new ones. There are powdered detergents and liquid ones that serve multiple cleaning purposes. This can also help you save sufficient money from having to buy multiple cleaning products. Detergents can be used for bathroom tiles, toilets, and tubs for sparkling surfaces. Not just that, sprinkling the powdered detergent on the cracks of your steps helps to prevent the growth of moss. You can also prevent drain blockages with liquid detergent and a cup of boiling water. Detergents are capable of absorbing oils to clean spilled floors.


  1. Abrasives

    These are chemicals that are used for rigorous cleaning the hard surfaces. They are very much handy, yet effective for floors, pots, and pans. Abrasives can wear off any hard stains or deposits by scraping them away easily. They are of two types: Abrasive and non-abrasive cleaners. The grading of abrasiveness of the cleaning agent differs with fine particles being less abrasive and vice-versa. But ensure that they are not overused as they can remove the coating of surfaces with extensive cleaning. Powdered abrasive cleaners are most often used for domestic cleaning purposes. This is because they contain smaller amounts of surfactants to get rid of the oily and greasy film layer present in kitchen sinks. Non-abrasive cleaners contain antimicrobial agents that help in disinfecting surfaces. By concentrating on specific conditions, they can be used for specific surfaces like ovens, carpets, upholsteries, bathroom glasses and surfaces, and metal cleaning. Unfortunately, most of us do not seem to know the difference between less aggressive or more aggressive ones and the proportions of diluting them. Once an abrasive cleaner is used on the wrong surface, it may be too late to undo the damage. Get professional advice before causing any permanent damage.


  1. Alkalis

    Alkalis are basically used as a grease emulsifier to easily remove stains. They are available in different forms – powder, flakes, and liquid forms. They are mainly used for cleaning blocked drains and ovens. Bleach is a form of alkali and is used in addition to surfactants. They have the ability to displace contaminants with surface-active materials. Alkalis work better for cleaning everyday things that get dirty. It safely cleans glasses, wall tiles, porcelain enamels, tea and coffee stains, and so on.


  1. Acids

    Acids help in removing hard water deposits, metallic and rust stains from surfaces by dissolving the metal. They range from very strong ones to mild ones. Mild acids like citric acid and acetic acids help to clean mild stains. However, acids like Oxalic acid and HCL helps to eliminate stubborn stains. Acids are always used in a diluted form and one needs to wear latex gloves and safety goggles while using them. This helps to protect your skin and eyes from splashes while diluting them. Hydrochloric acid is the most preferred choice for household cleaning. They are used to remove the soapy film around the sink and shower doors and for toilet bowl cleaning. Due to its corrosive properties, it helps to clean tough stains from bathroom tiles by removing rust from metal pipes and handles.



Domestic Cleaners


You need to follow few safety tips before using cleaning agents for a safe and clean home:


  • Before using any cleaning agent, read the manual or get assistance on how and where to use the product


  • You should never mix any chemicals unless you confirm it is safe


  • Before treating any delicate area, ensure to do a test on a small area of the surface


  • Make sure to store your cleaning products securely from the reach of children


  • Keep windows and doors open for better ventilation while using these chemicals


  • It is very important to use gloves for reducing the risks of skin exposure to the chemicals



There is a wide range of domestic cleaning agents available in the market now. But you need to follow the right instructions with proper precaution for safe and effective cleaning. You need to carefully mix multiple cleaning products by looking at the ingredients label to eliminate any risk. With so many handy products being bombarded in the market, we need to ensure the safety and after-effects of using various cleaning products. It is very important to understand the “right technique to clean your home “by learning the effectiveness of the product. Understanding the potential health risks associated with the chemical agent is also crucial.

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