Can Dirty Upholstery Contribute to Health Problems?

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Upholstery is the soft fabric fixed over your furniture and sofas. We interact with them most of the time while we are at home watching TV or eating our food. It is one of the factors that make our house a home. However, there are a lot of dangers lurking right in front of you if you do not clean your upholstery regularly. From allergens to severe asthma attacks, your upholstery has the power to unleash a variety of health.

Most often we overlook these areas until it becomes noticeably stained or dirty. Unfortunately, these can be the most dangerous zones at home. This is because most of us clean these innocent-looking upholsteries less than once a year. This article is about bringing awareness to the potential dangers that lurk in your upholstery. Let us learn about the necessity of cleaning them on a regular basis.

Triggering Allergies

If not maintained or cleaned regularly, upholstery is the primary carrier of allergens inside your home. The warm surface of upholstery is a great thriving environment for microbes. Besides, the skin flakes from our body are the food for dust mites that give us rashes and allergies. And then comes the pet hair that causes allergic reactions to children in most cases.

In some severe cases, there can be swelling as well. If you have discomfort with your sofas, we suggest that you get professional help from the best house cleaners in your area. Another fact about pests is that they have the ability to attract other pests. This can worsen the condition and is the sole reason for asthma conditions. This dirt and dust when encountered on a daily basis, can awaken allergic reactions.

Breathing Problems

Upholstery is often dubbed as the dust collector of a house. If you can see the dust jumping when you fluff the cushions, it’s time you get help from upholstery cleaning services. When the dust accumulation is so high, it can even trigger respiratory attacks in a patient. However, coughing, runny nose, and watery eyes are the most common breathing-related problems found due to dust in the upholstery.

This can all be the results of impure air, pet hair, dead skin cells, and the list goes on. Extended exposure to these particles can result in fatal diseases like cancer, neurotoxicity, and hypersensitivity.

Infectious Diseases

We tend to spend a lot of time on the couches. Some of us even have the tendency of eating upholstered furniture and tend to touch the surfaces with our hands. This paves a way for pollutants to enter your body. This careless habit can result in gastrointestinal infections. This creates a perfect setting for germs and microbes to spread easily.

Microbes thrive in the warmth at the surface of upholstery; so do viruses. Upholstery is the primary spreading agent of diseases inside a home. It is why the common flu passes from a person to another, inside a family. Regularly cleaning them is the best way to ensure a healthy environment inside your home. If necessary, you can also get advice or help from professional cleaning experts nearby. It is always the best option to get your upholstery professionally disinfected at least twice a year. This keeps infectious diseases under control from spreading easily.

Skin Irritations

The invisible bacteria and impurities hiding in the nook and crevices of your upholstery furniture can cause mild to severe skin irritations. They can be major causes of skin redness, rashes, irritations, extensive itching, and so on. In extreme cases, your skin can swell up. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner is just not enough to get rid of these molds and dust mites. To reach the unseen areas of the fiber, you can look up to expert upholstery cleaners to eliminate all these skin diseases like eczema or hives. Having pets at home can make the condition even worse.

Mental Health

A hygienic and neat environment provides peace of mind. Unclean furniture and sofas can give you a negative vibe inside your home. It could even make you feel uncomfortable and chaotic. This stressful environment will not cause any instant results on your body. But it gradually affects your mental health. Simultaneously, it weakens your physical condition and makes you prone to diseases. By weakening your immune system, there are high chances of having heart-related issues. People who are too stressed are often susceptible to heart attacks and heart strokes. If you think you are unable to maintain the upholstery, numerous cleaning agencies around you can help you right away.

As you can see, improper cleaning of upholstery may lead to different health issues. Dull surroundings can make you less energetic. Therefore, if your fabrics are due for a freshen-up, do it right away. More importantly, hire a house cleaning company for thorough cleaning at frequent intervals.

Hiring professional upholstery cleaners

Health hazards are sometimes caused by a few hidden reasons. Things that you can’t see with naked eyes can pose a great threat. And it will be too late when you actually discover the culprits. Accumulation of microbes, dust, and molds on your upholstery is one such example. Your upholstery might look clean and hygienic but sadly it is not! The dangers of dirty upholstery cannot be underestimated at all.

Cleaning upholstery is not a stressful task when you have several cleaning companies within your locality. Think about spending a little money on sanitizing the upholstery rather than spending it on huge medical bills. Frequent vacuuming after the deep clean will also help to keep your home environment clean and hygienic.

These are very crucial steps to be carried out especially when you have kids at home. They tend to drop food on couches and eat by picking it up from the surface. There are high chances for your second-hand upholsteries to make you sick. You need to be extra cautious while getting one. Therefore, it is very essential to check the hygienic condition of your upholsteries with routine cleaning procedures.



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