Office cleaning

Ozclean is your one-stop shop for professional office cleaning services. We realize that a clean and organized workplace is essential to company success and productivity. Thanks to our expert team of cleaning professionals, cutting-edge equipment, and meticulous attention to detail, we are committed to providing a pristine workplace that enhances your company's image and promotes a healthier and more enjoyable work environment. Trust us to take care of the grunt work so you can focus on what really matters—running your business profitably and successfully. Ozclean can help you experience the transformative power of a professionally maintained office today.

Keeping your office clean is more critical than ever in the current business climate. A clean and organized workplace not only improves its overall look but also promotes productivity among workers and reduces the spread of germs and illnesses. Ozclean understands the value of a healthy work environment. Our extensive cleaning services ensure every nook and cranny of your office is thoroughly sanitized and free of dust, allergens, and bacteria. From regular cleaning schedules to deep carpet cleaning, window cleaning, and specialized equipment care, we offer a range of services to ensure your office always looks its finest.

Ozclean is a well-known name in Adelaide commercial cleaning services, delivering unparalleled excellence and a steadfast commitment to quality. Our expertly trained team knows the unique challenges and cleaning requirements of office owners like you. We provide flexible scheduling options, round-the-clock customer support, and a selection of customizable packages to fit your needs and budget, making it simple to book our services. You can rest easy knowing that our team of experts handles delicate office equipment with care. Choose Ozclean for your office cleaning needs in Adelaide and witness the difference our expertise can make. We are committed to delivering exceptional results, providing excellent customer service, and ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Our Services

Why Hire Ozclean For Office Cleaning?

Experienced Cleaners

Our highly skilled cleaning staff provides thorough cleaning that leaves your workspace spotless and pristine. We clean every inch of your commercial property, from high-traffic areas to workstations, restrooms, cafeteria spaces, and washrooms, to ensure a clean and welcoming environment.

Affordable Pricing Tailored to Your Needs

We know the value of affordability without sacrificing quality. We prioritize our client's needs by offering fair and competitive pricing. Our team provides free, customized estimates tailored to your specific cleaning needs. Also, we provide free inspections to help you find areas that require cleaning and maintenance, ensuring transparency and delight throughout the process

Customer-Oriented Services for Your Convenience

Ozclean prioritizes your comfort. Our cleaners and customer service representatives work around your schedule to ensure a stress-free cleaning experience. Our team is available 24/7 for assistance and services. We provide flexible cleaning times, including weekend services, at affordable rates. Enjoy the freedom to select the cleaning schedule that works best for you, with free weekend-day cleaning services

High-Quality Standards

Ozclean is dedicated to high-quality cleaning services. We follow rigid quality standards and give every aspect of our work the utmost care. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our service delivery, from thorough cleaning to effective disinfection and sterilization methods.

Sustainable Environmental Practices

Ozclean is committed to environmental sustainability. We use sustainable cleaning supplies and methods whenever possible to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing quality. We are committed to protecting the planet and fostering a clean and healthy workplace.


We Also Cover:

  • Waiting rooms, entryways, and reception areas
  • Kitchen and canteen areas, including equipment cleaning
  • Workstations, including extensive equipment and furniture cleaning
  • Handrails and doorknobs keep germs at bay
  • Meeting areas, conference rooms, and seminar halls
  • Toilets, restrooms, and changing areas for hygiene

Ozclean's Office Cleaning Process

Step 1: Consultation and Evaluation

  • Set up a meeting with our staff to discuss your office cleaning needs.
  • Our experts will evaluate your workspace and determine your exact cleaning needs.
  • We'll create a cleaning routine just for you and adjust our services to suit your needs.

Step 2: Extensive cleaning

  • Our expert cleaners will arrive at your office on time.
  • All areas, including high-traffic areas, workstations, restrooms, and common areas, will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • We will guarantee a deep and thorough cleaning using cutting-edge cleaning methods and eco-friendly products.

Step 3: Specialized Services:

  • Offer specialty cleaning services, such as carpet and window cleaning and cleaning tool maintenance.
  • Use advanced techniques and tools for exceptional results in tricky areas.
  • Address any cleaning requirements or concerns you may have.

What Is Our Cleaning Process Like?


Ozclean begins with a thorough surface cleaning, removing dirt, dust, and debris. Every inch of your office will be spotless thanks to our team's professional cleaning supplies and techniques. We do everything from dusting and wiping surfaces to vacuuming and mopping floors to create a clean and tidy environment.


We recognize the significance of disinfection for a healthy workplace, along with cleaning. To eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses, our professional cleaners use powerful disinfectants. We pay special attention to sensitive areas like doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment, thoroughly disinfecting them. We help create a safer environment for your employees and visitors by adhering to strict protocols and using EPA-approved disinfectants.


Clean workplaces require sterilization. Our sterilization procedure goes above and beyond standard cleaning and disinfection methods. We use advanced techniques and specialized tools to sterilize surfaces, equipment, and sensitive areas where cleanliness is critical. We provide an additional layer of protection to foster a cleaner atmosphere by removing bacteria.


Sanitation is an essential part of our cleaning process. We focus on reducing germs and maintaining a clean workspace. Our team uses safe and effective sanitizing agents to treat surfaces such as countertops, desks, and communal areas. We reduce infection risk and maintain a clean and healthy office environment through sanitization measures.