Will a Car Wash Hurt Your Car’s Finish?

Your car could be one of your favorites as well as a memorable asset that you hold. Therefore, one would be extremely conscious and take great care in handling your car. The reason why one would wash their car itself is to make it clean and to restore its lost lustrous and shine. But what if something that is supposed to be a boon can turn out to be a foe if not performed rightly. A slight mistake that occurs during the process of car wash especially in automated car washes, can create scars and scratches. 

Yes, it is possible that rigorous or careless performance during a car wash process can damage the finish and polish of your car. Therefore it is of utmost importance that you approach the most trusted and established service providers when it comes to the car wash procedure. This can also result because of the type of your car, its paint, and finish. This can even occur if you resort to handwashing techniques. This is because you will definitely be applying abrasives or chemicals on the surfaces during washes. These pose threats of scratches or swirl marks on the finish. 

But remember, where there is a will, there is always a sure and definite way. These ways occur in the form of the choices you make. With the right choices and service providers, chances are that you can limit the chances of your car paint degradation. Another factor that can provide you with some relief is that cars these days come with a top coat of finish. This topcoat acts as a layer that increases the durability of the shine for over a decade.

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The Traditional tunnel car wash style

The conventional car wash style performed with rotating bristle brushes is often presented in a way that is maligned in favor of the newer car wash technologies. These new-age technologies claim to be gentler with your car’s finish. But with close examinations and comparisons, it is observed that the old-school car washes will actually cause less damage to your car’s finish than the newer alternatives because the brush does not hold abrasive materials (such as grit) to the extent that delicate washes do.

Soft-cloth car washes

Very often, car washes that are usually described to be “touchless” feature flaps of cloth that massage your car clean and seem less aggressive seem to retain the abrasives from every car that has preceded yours. The damages these can pose are much more than what the brushes do. And remember that these latent abrasives in the scrubbers are the primary offenders when it comes to damaging your car’s finish.

Touchless car washes

Car washes that use the “laser wash” method do not have an abrasive effect on the surface of the car when compared to washing cars that come in direct contact with other vehicles. They do not guarantee to get your car as clean, and a little scrubbing is many times necessary to dislodge some of the rigid grit and grime. And, they use more caustic washing powder to compensate for the lack of direct contact. A touchless car wash can be opted rarely once in a while, but regular exposure to these chemicals will degrade your car’s finish.

Hand washing

Most auto detailers who pursue the perfect car finish insist that hand washing is the ultimate solution to get your top coat clean and shining without any damage. But even with hand-washing, there are risks involved. Using the same sponge to clean painted surfaces of a car, tires, and wheel wells is a common mistake that introduces abrasives into the cleaning process.Therefore, remember to segregate your sponges and rinse and clean them. Make sure you clean your microfiber towels too.

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How to prevent this damage?

  • Try evaluating the facilities available at the cleaning center. If the workers and the machinery they use are of the best quality then chances are that the service they provide will be of good quality.
  • Customize your cleaning package with respect to your car type and requirements. This will help in providing your car the right treatment it seeks. You can opt for undercarriage cleaning services but make sure not to choose them too frequently.
  • You can also take great care of not just the exteriors but also the interiors of your car. And you can make sure that your car interiors are clean and away from dust and dirt by availing yourself of services from some quality Car Upholstery Cleaning Service providers.

Bottom line

Car washing is a very integral service, especially if you are someone who travels more often by car and wish to keep it in the perfect shiny condition. But as we discussed above, we can’t completely let go of the possible damages that your car might incur doing automated car washing. Therefore, to ensure the perfect condition of your car, remember to make the right and calculated choices. This will not only prevent your car from damages, but it will also make your car shine bright and brand new.

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