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Fabric is prone to accumulating dirt and grime. The soft textile covers on the couch and other furniture in your living room may also breed viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc. This is why you should not overlook the upholstery in your house. Most of the dirt and dust accumulate in household upholstery. This may lead to the growth of viruses and germs, which may render the indoor environment unhygienic. If you have not taken care to clean the upholstery for a long time, you need to look for a professional upholstery cleaning service. Cleaning the upholstery would not only make your house look clean and tidy but would also make your house hygienic. 

However, to keep the upholstery tidy and hygienic, you need to do regular cleaning. Otherwise, dirt and dust will go on accumulating on the upholstery surface. If you are trying DIY methods in cleaning them, you may not be doing the right thing. Traditional upholstery cleaning solutions may not be enough in removing every kind of dust and dirt. Only a professional cleaning service can clean the upholstery in your house comprehensively clean and hygienic. 

About Us

We are a professional household and commercial cleaning service in the Gold Coast area. We do all kinds of cleaning including upholstery cleaning. In fact, we do a comprehensive job of cleaning such surfaces. 

Why Us

We know very well that upholstery in households can accumulate every kind of dirt and dust and degrade the indoor environment. Dirt on the upholstery can get attached to clothes and cause illnesses. These make households untidy as well as unhygienic. This is why you need to deep clean all the upholstery in your house. We use steam cleaning to deep clean all the upholstery and make sure that no dust particle, mold or dust mite is present in them. 

  • Comprehensive cleaning  

Upholstery on your furniture bears the brunt of rough use be it by kids, pets, family members or guests. Consequently, these may accumulate dust, food crumbs, germs, stains, and blemishes. This may also result in a foul odor. Cleaning such surfaces is not easy. We adopt processes and systems to clean the upholstery comprehensively. 

  • No use of harsh chemicals

Fabric is usually delicate in nature. We don’t use harsh chemicals on them. We use only approved chemicals while ensuring comprehensive cleaning. This makes sure that the upholstery doesn’t lose its original shine. 

  • Proven results 

We have been delivering quality cleaning jobs for years. We have years of experience in the cleaning industry. In fact, upholstery cleaning is one of our basic services for households. We are one of the most sought after professional upholstery cleaners in the gold coast area. 

  • Advance steam cleaning 

We use advanced steam cleaners for cleaning upholstery. These are very efficient steam cleaners that can deep clean all the upholstery in your house. 

  • Allergen tests 

We conduct the allergen test after upholstery cleaning is complete. This is done to ensure that there is no cleaning residue and that your kids and pet don’t suffer from any allergic reaction after the cleaning. 

  • Natural cleaning 

We use eco-friendly cleaning agents to make sure that there is no allergic reaction to you and the fabrics can maintain its shine. 

  • Advanced equipment and experienced cleaners 

We have the most experienced upholstery cleaners who use advanced equipment for comprehensive cleaning. This can also extend the life of the furniture. 

  • Deep cleaning 

We use advanced steam cleaners to give a deep cleaning to all your furniture upholstery. Steam can penetrate deep inside the upholstery and give a deep cleaning to eliminate all dust particles and allergens. This can remove even the deepest stains and the greasiest of spots in a gentle way.

  • Sanitizing the furniture 

We don’t just clean your upholstery; we sanitize the furniture and render a new look to your living room. 

  • Grout cleaning

Cleaning of furniture is an integral part of upholstery cleaning. Grout on the surface of the furniture can accumulate a lot of dust, dirt, and grease. We have the equipment to remove all these and get the best results for you. 

  • Adequate supervision

Our team consists of cleaners and supervisors for any cleaning job. This makes sure that no job goes unsupervised. 

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