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Upholstery plays a major role in the outlook of your apartment. As oil and grease on their surface start collecting dirt. This gets bonded to your upholsters becoming rigid stains. Even if you try removing them, the dirt might disappear for a while but the oil in it will still invite more stains. The fabrics used in Upholsters keep varying, some could be delicate and fragile compared to others. Ozclean resorts to using powerful solutions for Upholstery cleaning in the Sunshine Coast.

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Our priority always has been customer satisfaction and unchallenged delivery of services. To make this work efficiently, we have adopted that will always help you access our services anytime you need to carry out an upholstery cleaning. We bring to you emergency service options and same-day service options in all suburbs of Sunshine Coast.

We understand that budget constraint is a factor that prevents most people from accessing professional upholstery cleaning. We provide all our services at the most reasonable prices in the service niche. Furthermore, we make it assured that you are not charged with any sorts of hidden charges or extra costs. You can also avail of our services without any extra charges even on weekends.

Our team of efficient and committed customer care executives is always there to assist you and guide you throughout the process. We make sure to give you all the clarifications you seek. A special addition to this is that you can reach out to us without any constraints. You will not even have to worry about it being too late at night or too early in the morning. We function 24*7 all days a week.

We make sure to deliver to you the services you look up to without any fail. In case you feel like there is more to be done or that you need a little more to do with what we’ve done, we got that covered for you. We will continue our services and assistance till you feel satisfied with our upholstery cleaning service. We want you to get to the fullest of what you paid us for.

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Upholstery Cleaning is Carried With Effective Techniques

We use several cleaning techniques depending upon the nature of your stains or damage or by your request and preferences. Some of them are most commonly being used.

Steam cleaning

Vacuum cleaning

Dry cleaning

Odor treatment

Common fabrics we clean

Cotton and Linen Fabric

The texture of these fabrics differs according to their patterns. Like for example, white cotton and linen fabrics are comparatively delicate and hot water extraction cannot be performed on them. Dry cleaning methods are more apt on them. At the same time, patterned cotton and linen fabrics are harder in texture, and thus they are cleaned using hot water extraction.

Synthetic Fabric

This kind of fabric is made out of a combination of selected fabrics. These are usually cleaned with hot water extraction in order to make them spotless and flawless of stains and dirt.


It has a very long life noted that they are given utmost care. DIY methods may not be sufficient to maintain the shine and lustrous nature of leather. Various methods are used appropriately to clean leather depending on the intensity of the damage incurred.

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Frequently asked questions

The process of carpet cleaning and upholstery differ in various ways. When it comes to upholstery cleaning, cleaners will have to be gentle and will require different treatments. This is because even minor issues like using a little excess water can cause major damage to the quality of the fabric. This can also invite bacteria and cause unpleasant odors.

A complete cleaning session of a three-piece suite takes around 2-3 hours. This also depends on the number of loose cushions and soiling. This also takes 5 to 24 hours to dry up completely. Meanwhile, the fabric quality and the depth of the stains to have to be considered as these may vary.

Ozclean makes sure to use the best practices cleaning your upholstery. The methods we usually implement to clean your couches and upholstery are- steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning for quick results, odor treatment, full water pressure, vacuum cleaning, etc.

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