Unique Challenges faced while cleaning in Aged Care Facilities

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An Old Age home or Aged Care facility, mostly houses those individuals who are not able to take care of themselves. In all probability, the inhabitants of an Aged Care facility have diminished motor abilities and need help with day to day tasks, which can range right from eating, drinking and toilet related activities. All of these activities typically result in quite a bit of leftovers, spillage and spoilage, that needs to be taken care of. 

Something of vital importance with aged people is that their immunity is now vulnerable and as such they are highly prone to catching infections and falling ill. Therefore, cleanliness is of utmost importance in Aged Care facilities. We an Ozclean completely understand this perspective and offer a range of cleaning services for Aged Care facilities in Queensland.

Daytime cleaning is a mandate

Cleaning services during daytime are critical for healthy functioning of any Aged Care facility. Unlike how cleaning jobs can be juggled between shifts in other places, in Aged Care facilities and hospitals, you have to adhere to a routine; and this goes with the core objective of providing the aged inhabitants a safe and clean environment to live in. A space that they look forward to during the last years of their lives. Ozclean understands how critical daytime cleaning is and has just the right expertise in conducting daytime cleaning in the most efficient manner. Our well trained staff and experts are highly efficient with the cleaning schedules, so as to ensure no hindrance in the movement of inhabitants within as well as ensuring zero accidents owing to wet floors, slippery surfaces, etc.

Waste management

Just as stated earlier, if Aged Care facilities are not kept clean, they pose a high risk health hazard to their elderly. It becomes critical to manage human as well as medical waste in the most effective manner. Ozclean specializes in eliminating such wastes, thereby ensuring bacteria & microbe free  environment, optimal for the elderly. Moreover, we understand that Aged Care facilities are generally not-for-profit setups, with limited budgets. Our waste management services are highly competitive and will ensure a safe environment for your inhabitants.

Compliance with Environment & Safety standards

All Aged Care facilities are routinely audited for the environment they harbour and checked for how safe they are for those they house. As such, there are frequent visits by the audit & compliance teams. These facilities are required to meet the highly clean standards. Hence it is of utmost necessity to conduct excellent cleaning services throughout the year without fail. Failure to meet the requirements can have severe consequences on the operation of the facility itself.

Accidental interference by residents 

Aged care facilities often service dementia patients. Such residents often don’t recognize the difference between safe and unsafe; as such, it is critical to supervise the equipment along with chemicals used during the cleaning service. Ozclean staff are highly experienced in this requirement and are completely on toes when it comes to being vigilant. We thoroughly monitor our cleaning service to ensure zero casualties or accidents, keeping you free of any worry.

 At Ozclean, we ensure that we have trained resources to deal with the cleaning requisites of Aged Care facilities and provide the best cleaning services to our clients. Visit www.ozclean.com.au t o opt for effective cleaning services in Queensland.


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