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  • Complete Revamp Cleaning
    Our cleaning services are of par excellence and our works are administered in a way as to deliver and maintain nothing but the best cleaning experience. We make sure that your Commercial building is clean from every nook and corner. Customers are forever king when it comes to Ozclean.
  • Customized Service Quotes
    Our team maintains the best standards when it comes to office cleaning. At the same time, we make sure that our service charges are calculated in a way as to make them affordable according to your requirements. Our team is very conscious so as not to charge you with any additional or hidden service charges.
  • Timely Assistance and Support
    Office Cleaning Services require them to be delivered at the right time. This is because cleaning commercial buildings is not always easy because it is important to manage the working times in accordance with the cleaning date. Ozclean works 24 hours all throughout the week and you can avail of our services and assistance anytime, anywhere.


Step 1

  • Initiate your booking with us by filling up the FREE QUOTE contact form.
  • Ozclean’s Customer Care Agents will contact you immediately.
  • You can either provide them insights regarding your commercial building or avail of our free inspection service.
  • We will then provide you the free quotes for office cleaning services.

Step 2

  • Our team will then schedule a booking and we will reach your place on time.
  • Our team strictly abides by a checklist of services during office cleaning.
  • You can also decide upon customized service packages.
  • Elaborate cleaning procedures of Ozclean include cleaning, disinfecting, sterilizing, and sanitizing.

Step 3

  • We provide appointments for daily cleaning, weekly or fortnight cleaning.
  • Our team makes sure that the procedure is completed with great care and perfection.
  • We also ensure through a final round inspection that everything is correctly executed and no cleaning is left incomplete.
  • In case you find something more to be done, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.


  • Cleaning the entrance area that includes waiting rooms and reception.
  • Shared workstations that comprise furniture and office equipment.
  • Conference rooms, meeting halls along with the furniture and equipment.
  • Pantry and canteen area including the taps and other equipment.
  • Door handle knobs and staircase rails.
  • Locker rooms and toilets.



We make sure that every stain, mark, and dirt is cleaned effectively from every surface. We analyze the nature of these marks and adopt the right measures to fix them clean.


Cleaning just the outer surfaces does not necessarily make your office premises clean. To make your office area free of germs and pathogens that cause diseases, we apply disinfectants to kill microorganisms.


The sterilizing process is performed to make sure the germs and microorganisms are completely killed. This is either performed using an autoclave using heat appropriately to effectively kill the pathogens.


To finish the process off, the whole area is sanitized to ensure safety and cleanliness. This marks the assurance that your whole workplace is made clean and completely safe to work.

Our Services

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Carpet Cleaning

One of the toughest tasks to do while cleaning your home is to clean the carpets. Mere vacuuming might not be able to do much when it comes to removing stubborn stains and odor. It calls for professional help and Ozclean is more than happy to help. No matter where you are on Sunshine Coast, we are here to help you get those carpets squeaky clean.

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cleaning service in sunshine coast

Pool Cleaning

Maintaining a clean pool is hard work. Pool owners are well aware of this fact. Trying to clean pools all by oneself can be a cumbersome task. The most effective way to clean your pools and maintain them is to hire a professional pool cleaning company, like Ozclean. Give us a call and let us help you get your pool back to its prime condition.

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BBQ Cleaning

Be it parties, gatherings, or family reunions, none of them are complete without delicious food coked in BBQ and oven. Cooking food is the easy part. It is cleaning the cooking tools that are hard. The grease and oil can get deep into the equipment and can reduce its lifespan. Hire Ozclean and take the easiest way out of cleaning the BBQ and Oven.

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Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses get dirty pretty quickly and can gatherer dust in a short span of time. Frequent and thorough cleaning of mattresses is the only way to keep them clean. Residents of the Sunshine Coast lead a busy life and we at Ozclean understand this. We offer customized mattress cleaning services to all our customers at affordable rates.

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Roof Cleaning

Ozclean offers premium roof cleaning services to all its customers in Sunshine Coats. We o not want any of our customers to go through the hardship of cleaning their roof on their own, as we know how dangerous and hard it can be. All you have to do is give us a call, and we will take care of everything else for you.


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Our Office Cleaning Services includes services of General dusting, removal of rubbish and other waste, cleaning restrooms and toilets, kitchen cleaning, vacuum cleaning floors. Mop cleaning and glass door cleaning.

We calculate the service charge by analyzing the area of your commercial building, the damages incurred on them, and the workforce required to fix them. This is usually done through an inspection process. You can find our FREE QUOTE contact form from Ozclean’s website and on filling them our team will extend its support to you. You can then ask them for free inspection through which we calculate the quotations.

It is not mandatory that you need to be present while we carry out your office cleaning. What is important is that you have a good discussion with our team on what are your expectations and which are areas that need cleaning. This gives us a clear understanding of what to do and helps remove any doubts whatsoever. You can definitely trust us with your office.

Of course, we do. Ozclean is one of the most trusted and well-known companies when it comes to office cleaning  Coast. We have a long list of satisfied and happy customers who vouch for us. Apart from all these, we make it a priority that our clients receive nothing but the best service.

Not really. Ozclean’s cleaning team is well-equipped and has all the necessary tools to efficiently clean your office. But if there is any set of equipment that you use to clean your office, then we are more than happy to use that also. No need to worry if you do not have any cleaning tools as we will bring them with us.

Yes, they are. We at Ozclean understand how important a cleaning team is, as they represent the company wherever they go. We take special care in choosing employees that reflect our values. Each one of our cleaners has been selected after thorough background verification, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your office.

It is recommended that you let us know of the rescheduling at least a few days ahead of the date, as it makes it easier to plan the next steps accordingly. We are completely okay with you rescheduling the cleaning session as we understand that things may unexpectedly change or come up. Just give us prior notice and that’s it.

Ozclean gives ample importance to customer satisfaction. We try to provide services that are of the best quality and we use the latest cleaning equipment to make sure that your office is squeaky clean. But even then you feel unsatisfied with the work we have done, kindly let us know. We will re-clean your office and will keep doing so until you are completely satisfied. This, of course, is free of cost.

We are available 24*7, all days a week to help you with your cleaning needs. Our customer care and customer assistance team is always here to help you with any need of yours. If you need to book a service or ask a query, you need not wait at all. Call us and we will be present to answer your query and clean your office.

The number of staff that will be present for the office cleaning service depends completely on the size of your office and the additional cleaning needs. This can be understood once we do a thorough inspection of your office.