5 Tips To Help You Clean Your House Smartly

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calander May 28, 2022
calander Admin

They say, get a job that you enjoy, that way you will not have to work a single day. Any tedious task can be made easy with some simple tips and tricks. It applies to house cleaning as well.

People normally tend to do it the hard way. Without proper planning or preparation. A lot of things are a breeze if we do them the right way.

Let us talk about a few tips that will help you ease the cleaning process

Routine Cleaning

Let us not make it too big a task. There are a lot of cleaning activities that you can attend on the spot. Like:

  1. Wiping the stove top after cooking
  2. Cleaning the counter tops after a cooking session
  3. Cleaning the microwave after every session

And more

The same goes for every room. In the living room, make sure to set the cushions right whenever you see them odd. Dust your console, TV and other electronics once in a while. It is best done by including the family members who use them often.

Empty the Trash Can

Do you know that half the problems can be solved if we get rid of the trash regularly without fail? It is one of the major hygiene challenges in every home. An overflowing trash can is a big NO.

Trash cans can also pave the way for pest infestation. It is better to keep more than one wastebasket so that we can categorise the waste and prioritise its disposal.

Use proper disposal bags inside the trash can. Make sure it is of proper standards and is not leaking the waste.

No Shoe Inside

If you love to keep your carpet clean and fresh, better not make it dirty in the first place. There are a lot of things that you can control. Keeping your outdoor shoes outside is the best place to start. If you prefer footwear inside the home, keep a separate set just for home use.

This will not only avoid dirt and filth getting added to your carpet but also improve the hygiene quotient of your home.

Also, make sure not to spill food and drinks on the carpet. A bit of care in that area can go a long way in keeping your carpet clean and shiny.

Keep a Duster Around

Let us not make dusting a part of the main cleaning process. It is ok to have a duster easily accessible and use it when you have some free time. Encourage your family members to dust their commonly used devices and items when they have some time to spare.

Such a habit can greatly reduce the workload while cleaning and help reduce the discolouration of items due to dust.

But make sure that you treat your duster once in a while and keep it clean enough for the process. It would be unwise to use a duster that is not for use.

Declutter Regularly

Cleaning can be a nightmare if we have to attend to a variety of items. Try to reduce clutter wherever possible. Get rid of old newspapers, digitise documents and file them properly, get rid of clothes that you no longer need, and dispose of broken toys and other old items that you no longer fancy. You can either donate them or run a garage sale to generate some money.

Relying on these methods will not only make the cleaning process easy and efficient but also reduce your load when it comes to bond cleaning ( if you are on a rented property).

If you still feel like all these are too much for you, there is no shame in taking help from a professional house cleaning service. We have one of the finest teams available in the Sunshine Coast with 24×7 customer service. Call us any time and our expert team will be at your service in no time.