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Upholstered furniture placed in the house often needs quality cleaning due to continuous usage from kids, pets, guests and family members.  The cleaning procedure implemented to clean the upholstered furniture should aim at eliminating dust, germs, food crumbs, stains, blemishes, and odor as well. DIYs using soapy water or washing powder is not at all a proper way to clean such upholstered fabrics as there are chances of losing the original shine due to harsh chemicals.

If you are looking for appropriate upholstery cleaner then the professional services of ozclean can complement your expectations in the best way. We are the leading cleaning services providing all kinds of upholstery cleaning with the advanced equipment and eco-friendly products that not only provide effective cleaning but also ensures it to be safe thus protecting the original shine.

Leather Lounge Cleaning Gold Coast – Why choose us?

  1. Tested and proven results: – With the experience of a handful of years in the cleaning industry and mainly in the leather & upholstery cleaning services our results are already proven in several residential and industrial fields which makes us ensure the best outcomes for our customers. Professional upholstery cleaners those who are well trained and experienced in this field provide the best results that match our claims.
  2. Use of advance leather steam cleaners: – We use the most efficient steam cleaners that provided deeper cleaning to the upholstered furniture thus making it look like the new ones.
  3. Allergen tests: – After the upholstery cleaning is done, we conduct allergen tests to ensure that the cleaning is done perfectly without leaving any traces of allergens behind. Our cleaning process can remove 89 to 98 percent of total household allergens thus making the environment safer for kids and pees.
  4. Natural cleaning: – All the cleaning products that we use in our cleaning services are eco-friendly and are effective for all kinds of targeted stains, bacteria and bringing back the shine of the leather & upholstery.

Professional Upholstery Cleaners

  • Professional upholstery cleaners from ozclean can revitalize your home with the most effective upholstery cleaning gold coast by using effective eco-friendly products.
  • We assign the most experienced professional upholstery cleaners accompanied by the advanced accessories and equipment that can extend the life of your furniture to a great extent.
  • Our cleaning services include ensuring a safe and healthy environment for kids and pets thus maintaining the hygienic environment to the maximum level.
  • Upholstery steam cleaners used by our working professionals penetrate deep inside the leather & upholstery fabrics and provides deep cleaning from inside thus eliminating all kinds of dust particles and allergens from inside.
  • Our cleaning services are also accompanied by quality sanitizing which not only refreshes your leather & upholstery but also cleans your furniture thus bringing a completely new and impressive look to your living space.
  • Even the deepest stains and greasy spots can be cleaned in a gentle way using effective products.
  • Grout cleaning on the surface of the upholstered furniture is our specialty and we have all kinds of equipment to provide the best results in it.

We assign a separate team of cleaners and supervisors for any kind of cleaning requirements of furniture to not only fulfill the requirements but also meet the expectations of our clients.

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