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Home cleaning services: cleanliness exemplified

You decided to buy your place to live in with both comfort and luxury. You are not supposed to spend your valuable time cleaning it as and when you feel it the high time. It’s natural that you would like to enjoy more time with your kids playing games, watching movies and do other homely activities. You’re not going to live a busy life wearing cleaning apparels.

Agencies in the dominion of home cleaning services gold coast are perfect for the most stubborn task of cleaning your home. Customers in all brackets across the Gold Coast are in all praises about our special customer service and reasonably priced schedules. We interact with each client focusing on minute details to exactly suit their needs of the hour. Customers need not have to walki out of their apartments in the frantic search for the cleaning experts.

With the most advanced cleaning equipment, we execute all of the modern cleaning processes. All of our professionals carry the most modern and effective techniques for the best possible outcome.

Our special services

  • Spring cleaning: Spring cleaning seems to be something you can’t ignore, no matter how far you hate it. Services undertaken in the zone of house cleaning gold coast are competent to meet all of your basic parameters for spring cleaning, and we oblige accordingly to scrub your premises crystal clean. As and when we shoulder the responsibility for a cleaning assignment, you can always set the benchmark. We strive to provide a service that is unique and worth remembering in all.
  • Regular cleaning: You will never want to involve in massive cleaning work while setting aside other important works. Take the perfect escape by utilizing our excellent house cleaning services. We are always on our toes to accept the cleaning assignment for you with care and warmth.
  • Common passage cleaning: We provide basic house washing gold coast services that range from corridors, restrooms stairs, kitchens, and so on.
  • Party cleaning: Parties are meant to be a distinct source to have a great time. However, a majority of house owners are apprehensive of themselves at the start and in the end before the much-awaited event arrives.

There are plenty of works to be done. It involves all the planning and preparation as regards cleaning, varnishing, polishing, and all other minute details, which are essential to bringing the ambiance for the celebration. Just consider once about signing us on before throwing a party next time. We’re going to take care of every trivial matter. It will buy you enough extra time to prepare for a great party that’s going to be something to talk about.

Our cleaning cost

Cost depends on the size of the customer’s space and area where the work has to be undertaken in relation to the personal effects and decorative items that need to be attended on priority.

The location is also a major factor; if the parking lots in your adjoining areas are difficult to access, you’ll most probably be charged a high price. Besides, if you schedule a public holiday for getting the cleaning assignment done, there is all likelihood of a hike in prices.

Following factors are under consideration before the customers are offered a reasonable price:

  • Your location

Rates differ from one province to another, and it’s always a wise move to engage house cleaning services agencies in your vicinity. In this manner, you need not have to puzzle your mind over additional costs like transportation. Some Australian territories are costlier than others. Expectedly, the residents living in metros skirting the regions near the Australian Capital will pay a higher price compared to Queensland, Sydney, Western Australia, or New South Wales. If you live in Victoria, the rates just go marginally up. South Australian residents can enjoy a cheaper house cleaning gold coast services.

  • House measurement

 The larger the property, costlier the cleaning service would be. Once you own a two-story residential apartment, the cleaning process you undergo can last for several hours in a single day. Just because of this, prices will vary from $100 to $800 depending on the continent’s average hourly standards of cleaning.

An average of 150 to 250 square meters of a three-bedroom apartment, considered as an ideal Australian residence, would be charged roughly around $125 to $170, which includes a minimum of three bathrooms. If it constitutes carpeted spaces, the same residence will get billed @ $280 on average. A carpet cleaning process is an upgrade option and might incur an additional cost.

  • Range of services

Of course, you can select the way you want your home to be cleaned as per your taste and demand. Typical service for cleaning would include:

  1. Mopping of floors that have tiled surfaces
  2. Vacuuming the carpeted areas
  3. Wiping the kitchen counters along with furniture and fixtures
  4. Washing the utensils piled up in the kitchen sink
  5. Ensuring all garbage bins emptied in the allocated garbage space
house cleaning gold coast

You can, therefore clearly imagine that these manifold services are not at all bad in terms of a systematic cleaning service. House washing gold coast service providers charge extra for a bond or deep cleaning.

Service charges in this scenario will vary considerably depending on how messy the estate is, and the volume of work needs to be undergone. Cleaning bonds can start with an initial rate of $400 and reach up to $1000. The significant variation in service charges depends on the factors as stated above.

Besides, there are other miscellaneous services for additional cleaning schedules with additional costs:

  • Carpet cleaning (much far-reaching than vacuuming)
  • Remove any smudges on walls (stubborn streaks are going to cost extra)
  • Removal of Cobweb
  • Cleaning of any or all kitchen appliances like microwave, fridge, oven, and dishwasher
  • Wiping built-in and external cupboards
  • Thorough cleaning of windows (both sides)
  • Cleaning of the port handle and door frame
  • Lights cleaning
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Garden tidying and lawn mowing
  • Cleaning of pool
  • Washing balcony, deck or patio,
  • Rooftop washing

These special and additional services are extra and are bound to transform your home and give it a fresh look within no time. Besides, you also have the option of mixing and matching these services and developing your own cleaning package. As usual, keep in mind that it generally costs more for personalized cleaning services than other normal offers which are purely in-house provisions.

Fortunately, we are living in an era when home cleaners are fast becoming more of a practical choice in the present scenario than ever. In reality, residential cleanup tasks can be expensive. It is, however, worth adopting, mostly depending on your location, size of the house and the depth of cleaning. It might be quite inconvenient to allow strangers to enter your premise, so to say. However, services from home cleaning services gold coast in the Australian territory are truly professional and very much understand their work jurisdiction, and they always stand up to your expectations.

People’s requirements also change with the changing scenario. ozclean believes strongly in offering its entire range of home cleaning services in Australia. No matter what your requirements are, our team of expert professionals is always there to help you. We ensure that our valued customers obtain the best services in the region.

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