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The leading curtain cleaning services in Gold coast

Curtains can complement the interior designs, windows and living rooms in the best way thus adding color and elegance to the house. A clean curtain with soothing fragrance accompanied by a classic set of furniture can impress the guests in the best way.

With time passing by and seasons changing, dust and many ultrafine particles stuck in the pores of the curtains and make it look dull and ugly than before. This also spreads allergen like bacteria and many harmful ultrafine particles too. If you want to completely clean your living space premises then professional curtain cleaning services like ozclean are probably the best choice.

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We have the most proficient team of skilled cleaners and experienced supervisors’ expertise in professional curtain cleaning services.  Our cleaners have complete knowledge of all type of fabrics that are used in curtains and thus provide the services which are well suited for the fabrics to retain the original color as well as protect the look of the curtain as well.

Cleaning services provided by our company

  • Curtain dry cleaning: – With the most efficient dry cleaners dedicated to only strong fabrics, we ensure that the curtain doesn’t shrink or pill on the fabric surface. We use very mild detergents and make the curtain undergo gentle washing cycles so that the curtain is properly cleaned without any bleed or color fade.
  • Curtain washing: – Mild detergents and cool or lukewarm water are used for curtain washing so that only stains and odor on the fabrics are eliminated keeping the fabric quality the same as before. We also take care of the drying of the curtains with the specially crafted delicate settings that cant cause any harm to the look or texture of the curtains from any aspects.
  • Steam cleaning of curtains: – We provide the industry-leading services for steam cleaning of curtains by using the best and most efficient steam cleaners. Our steam cleaners are dedicated to only some fabrics which are needed to be cleaned by hot steam to remove all kinds of dust particles. Hot vapor steam released from the cleaners penetrates inside the pores of the fabrics and cleans the fabrics from within.
  • Washing linen curtains: – Linen curtains are considered one of the most beautiful yet delicate ones that need to be washed in the cool or lukewarm water using mild detergents. We wash linen curtains using mild and effective detergents and then dry them until they aren’t soaking wet.
  • Washing net curtains: – Detergents for the mild soapy water to be soaked in the net curtains are used to wash it effectively. We use eco-friendly products even to remove the hard stains while washing net curtains.

With all these curtain cleaning services, customizable cleaning solutions are also provided based on the types of curtains and the quality of the fabrics used in it. ozclean ensures that the curtain in completely clean, sanitized and deodorized with a refreshing odor that complements the living space in the best way that makes us the leading services for curtain cleaning gold coast.

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