People often struggle with pests at home, and to be honest it is impossible to remove pests through manual means. For some insects the do it yourself pest control kit is enough but for others a strong chemical treatment is imperative. Pest can be a real disaster for your home and the health of your loved ones. It is therefore necessary to treat pests for the better health of your family member but also to prevent any kind of property damage. If you suspect any kind of problem and need a professional care and advise, our team at Ozclean is ready to help you out of your problem.

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Services we provide

  • Residential pest control- home is where your loved ones live and a place that you have earned after years of hard work. So you will never want a small enemy as small as a termite to bring it down. Our team is here to help you. Our domestic pest treatment products are safe for the health of your family members and also 100% effective


  • Commercial pest control- as a business owner you understand the importance of physical files and documents as well as the health of your staff and customers. Our team will inspect your property and try and provide chemical free solutions and a more aggressive treatment for stronger infestation.


  • Building and pest inspection- our pest inspectors are very well qualified and easily identify abnormal activities. For inspection purpose they use thermal imaging that can easily identify termites that cause internal damage to the structure. Timber inspection, structural integrity of the roof, wooden flooring, etc., are part of our inspection services. Our treatments are safe and guaranteed long lasting.


If you are looking for pest control services in Brisbane you can come under direct contact with us. Our experts are here to serve you 24 hours.



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