How to Keep Pests Out of your Garden?

If you have green fingers, it is obvious you own a beautiful garden filled with flowers and veggies. But, sure you must be suffering with pest issues. There is nothing in this world that can guarantee you won’t have pest problems in your garden. You can take service from expert companies such as Ozclean or you can do something on your own. Here are a few low budget and effort ways to cut down on pest population and keeps the plants healthy and problem-free.

  • Invite garden-friendly insects- not all bugs and insects are harmful to your garden. There are some pests such as, spiders, ground beetles, ladybirds, and parasite wasps that are beneficial for the garden as they prey on other harmful pests. So try and have some in the garden by planting nectar and pollen-producing plants.
  • Use sturdy barriers- you can create strong barriers in and around your garden to keep pests away. You can do this by positioning fine nets over your plants. Make sure you leave enough space for the plant to grow.
  • Companion planting- companion planting is a method of planting where some plants are planted with the main plants. These companion plants produce natural insect repellents that keep the pests away. You can plant garlic, basil, and marigolds for the same.
  • Maintain soil’s health- you can grow healthy plants in healthy soil, and these plants are more resistant to pests than others. Add organic matters and fertilizers to grow healthy plants.

There are some more solutions to the problem. You can use some pesticides and organic chemicals that keep pests away. But still, if you don’t get any solution you can contact experts in Ozclean, Gold Coast to book an appointment and treat the garden to make it fit for cultivation.

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