How to Clean and Maintain Your Outdoor Teak Furniture?

Teak furniture is a unique choice for outdoor furniture. With its tendency to produce natural oil, teak stands out with its low maintenance feature. This allows opting for teak in comparison to other wood furniture. Organic teak oil extracted from the wood prevents the absorption of moisture. This basically makes your furniture last longer.

The blonde wooden texture is the perfect choice for your outdoor living space. However, with time, the natural color of Teak may fade away, and a grayish layer can develop. Beyond normal wear, if the furniture is exposed to spilled oily foods, it can cause some spotted stains. Many of us are likely to invest in this classy and quality furniture. But at the same time, we are not sure about how to take care of it for better longevity. Here are some suggestions for easily managing the teak furniture for any climate throughout the year.

How often to Clean Teak Furniture?

Unless something spills on it, one can go for a yearly cleaning option to preserve its peak condition. Usually, teak furniture has a honey-wood color in the first place. However, with time, a natural soft silver-gray color develops from the exposure to Sun. This process will not weaken the structure of the furniture. Some people love to see the soft grey shade on their fixtures. In contrast, others prefer to cover it up to retain its authentic color. For this, you can seal the teak wood surface with breathable UV protection. The sealer can be applied using a brush or a rag. You need to apply it twice for a flawless finish. Ensure to clean the surface before sealing for a smooth surface. It is also recommended to use formulated teak cleaners. 

How to Clean Teak Furniture?

There is a lot of commercial product available in the market for maintenance of teak wood. One can also go for homemade products to get the job done. The former gives a thoroughly visible outcome while the latter can only do away with the dirt and grime built up over time.

  • To remove the actual debris, drench your furniture with a garden hose thoroughly.
  • Purchase a ready-to-use teak wood cleaner from any hardware or online store. Apply it in a gentle stroke with a nylon brush.
  • On the other hand, there are a variety of ways to use a homemade solution like liquid dishwashing soap. Dip the nylon brush into the solution and scrub the furniture. Make sure not to apply any stroke against the wood grains. This may leave patches on the surface.
  • After you are done with the cleaning, rinse it thoroughly with the same hose and dry the surface.
  • If you find any rough patches, you have to acquire another method to remove them. Get 220 grit sandpaper and put gentle strokes at the surface. Make sure to sand it in the same direction as the wood grains to smooth the rough areas.
  • Other than the previous techniques, one can apply a sealant for a more effective result. It not only provides an ever-lasting outcome but also protects your furniture from direct contact with sunlight. Continuous application of sealant can eventually harm the natural color of the wood.
  • It is best to either apply sealant when you purchase the furniture, you can also use it after you clean and dry the surface thoroughly. It is advisable to use the same brand of cleaner and sealer for better sustenance.

Restoring Weathered Teak Furniture

Weathered teak furniture presents a subtle look at the outdoor view and is visually appealing too. The charming rustic look enhances the subtlety of the yard. To restore the original silky finish, one can follow up on the previous steps. Here, one has to replace the homemade solution with a commercial two-step cleaner available in the market to get back the stunning blonde shade.

In order to keep your teak in its pristine form, ensure to avoid steel wool, brass brushes, and rough materials. These harsh items can result in rust spots and flaky surfaces. It is always the best choice to get professional advice before cleaning the wood. The plus point is that teak can last for a longer duration with minimal care and maintenance. The superior and classy touch of teak furniture brings both beauty and comfort to your courtyards.

How to take care of Teak in the Winter

The focal point of teak furniture is that it can be left outdoors during every season of the year. It is quite normal for teak wood to contract and expand with changes in climate. If you feel it necessary to cover your furniture, opt for breathable covers. If you are planning to store them indoors during winter, make sure to not leave them in heated rooms. This is because heat can cause tiny cracks on teak surfaces. It is a great idea to avoid placing the furniture away from pools. This ensures the long life of the wood in its initial form.

Is it okay to paint or varnish your furniture?

Teak furniture should not be painted or varnished. The oil produced by teak at the surface of the wood prevents proper adhering of paints and varnishes to the wood. Some people give it a try but as time passes by, they peel out giving a shabby appearance. It is always the best choice to avoid painting and varnishing. As already mentioned, you can go for sealant coating for better protection and flawless appearance.

General Stain Removal Tips

Teak is generally resistant to all weather conditions. But not to dirt and dust accumulation. They should be dusted off regularly and cleaned with cleansers that are made specifically for wood. There are several homemade solutions for mild cleaning techniques. Keep reading to know more about the general stain removal tips:

  • Ensure to apply the cleaning agents using soft cloth or sponges
  • You need to scrub the wood gently in line with the grain of the wood
  • Always say a big NO to metal scrubbers or brushes
  • Avoid using pressure washers, instead rinse the wood with water gently to avoid discoloration.
  • Get expert help for tough stains and do not use any unknown chemicals.
  • Wait for the sealer to dry well before reapplying.
  • Try to choose environment-friendly cleaning agents over others.

Currently, people are more likely to opt for outdoor furniture made out of teak. This is extremely durable hardware that ages gracefully. They are fascinated with its elegant texture and touch of luxury. Teak furniture is worth the investment and adorns your yard beautifully. They never go out of style and require minimal maintenance throughout all 12 months of the year. With the aging of wood, there can be small cracks on the teak surfaces. This is absolutely normal and does not affect the durability of the furniture.

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