How bond cleaning differ from regular house cleaning

Bond Cleaning & House Cleaning

A comprehensive bond cleaning service is very distinct from regular cleaning. Even though the cleaning expense, equipment, and duration are the most obvious differences, the two types of cleaning are useful in diverse situations. A professional bond cleaning service delivers the best experience for tenants moving out of their rental after the lease period. Whereas regular cleaning is the routine dusting, sweeping, mopping, etc., to keep your house neat and clean. However, for better insight, let’s find more about why they are different.

The Legal Arrangement

Most tenants get expert help from professional house cleaning services to save their bond money. The landowner or real estate agency can claim your security deposit if the condition of the house is not satisfactory. For regular cleaning, there is no legal arrangement, and there are no landlords you have to please, except yourself.

A Deep Clean Demands Better Tools & Personnel

Bond cleaning demands better tools and better personnel to ensure a spotless service. On the other hand, regular cleaning has no such demands and does not need expert cleaners either. Well, that does mean that deep cleaning can cost you more as well. Even then, investing in a professional cleaning service under your budget is better than risking your security deposit.

A Tried and Tested Workflow

Professional house cleaning services know what the expected result is at the final inspection of your rental property. So, they keep an REIQ approved checklist to ensure that they leave the place just as the landowner wants it to be. Moreover, end of lease cleaning by experts can also make the moving much more comfortable and less stressful for you. However, regular cleaning does not require such a level of detail. 

And hence, professional bond cleaning in Brisbane or Sunshine Coast is the best way to guard your security deposit. We strongly recommend finding an expert if you are moving out of your rental property. Otherwise, routine cleaning would do just fine for your daily needs.

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