Household Chores for Kids during the Quarantine

As the whole world is at stake due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staying in your home and taking precautions is the only way to stay away from the disease. Due to this pandemic, families are scrambling to balance work and child care. Do you feel the same? So, are the household chores in your house being shared fairly? Well, in between your kids’ pencil sketch lessons and bath time, here are a few things which you really need to tell them during the quarantine.

Attack the laundry pile

Yes, you can always start with a big one. Depending on your kids’ age, you can simply start by teaching them to sort the clothing and fold it properly. Start showing them an accurate amount of washing soaps to use. If you have a big family and you are unable to clean your house properly, then hiring home cleaning services  gold coast would be the best option for you.

Clean the kitchen

A boring kitchen cleaning work can make your kids frustrated, and this is why try to give them small activities in the kitchen. The activity does not only stop at washing dishes. Ask them to clean the counters or floors as well. But do not pressurize them to do any of the household chores rather give them a bowl full of blueberry jam as a reward for their work.

Dust it away

Teaching your kids about dusting is one of the important things that you should know. This is a household chore for your children who are aged 10-15 and capable of being more careful not to break anything. Well, dusting is a rather time-consuming and boring chore for your children, so make it a little interesting. Ask them to clean at least five pieces of furniture in their room and set a countdown to finish it. If they can do it within the given time, give them a little reward by cooking their favorite dessert. But if you are unable to do your house cleaning job, then do not worry, call home cleaning services gold coast. They can help you with their best services.

Ask them to set a dinner table

Apart from other household tasks, this is one of the easiest and fun tasks for the children. While you are getting ready for having your dinner, ask your kids to set the dinner table so that you do not have to spend extra time and effort on doing it. 

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