White or light carpets make the room look large and add appeal to its surfaces. They give it a fresh and airy look by adding charm to your home. With the choice of white carpeting, you can make the most of your workspace. The light carpeting brings sleekness and dynamism to your professional area. This ensures to win the hearts of your visitors and clients. Though these carpets are subtly different, it is more challenging to maintain them. Light carpets may hide specks of dust but are easy to stain. But no worries! Scroll down to read more tips to maintain light office carpets cost-efficiently.

Give a Professional Touch

Your carpets require professional cleaning at least once a year for a long-lasting presence. Their team of efficient workers understands your needs to the core. The maintenance of a light office setting is no less than a disaster. No number of doormats is enough to protect your carpeting from dirt or coffee spills. So, the dedicated cleaners make it easy for you to maintain its pristine nature.

Let’s take a look at the 5 important tips to maintain your light office carpets.

1. Place your carpet selectively

Carpet is one of the most integral components of an office setting. If you are planning to install light carpets, don’t cover the entire premises. Carefully and selectively choose the places to put your carpet. Avoid the corridors, entrances, or kitchen rooms. You can install them in key areas like meeting rooms or conference halls to reap the significant advantages. When it comes to purchasing the carpet, ensure to get carpets that pay attention to its price performance. Do not go for cheap ones that cause you to buy the same one repeatedly.

2. Install doormats

Muddy boots are capable to spell disaster on your white carpeting. You can install sturdy doormats at the entrances. Boot scrapers outside the premises will also be helpful to avoid the mess of dirty visible tracks. They are very practical products that will protect your light carpets from dirt and debris. Installing doormats in front of bathrooms adds to the maintenance of the light carpets. Look for doormats that match the appearance of your carpet. This helps to unite the look and feel of your office ambiance.

3. Easy accessibility of stain remover

No matter the precautions, you can’t prevent the stains. This is why it is better to treat them as soon as possible. Stock your office with a good number of stain removers and equipment to get rid of the spatters. Always carry out a patch test before using them all over the carpet. Also, keep in mind to not use too many liquid products on the carpets. This is because it is too hard to extract the liquid from the carpets. It is always the best option to deal with stains immediately. Companies need to encourage employees to clean up spills or stains as soon as they happen. This on-site cleaning helps to prevent the spreading of large spills to other areas.

4. Rent the professionals

You can remove 80 percent of dust and dirt with regular vacuuming. Even the best vacuum cleaner cannot eliminate 100 percent of debris or dirt. This gradually spoils the appearance of the carpet and should be deep cleaned once in a while. A deep clean every six months will make your light carpet look as shiny as possible. You can choose steam cleaning for thorough cleaning. Calling a professional or a carpet cleaning specialist is essential for retaining its pristine nature. Similarly, if you are really stuck on a stain, you can bring in a carpet cleaning professional. They have advanced equipment and products that you don’t have access to. They can not only get rid of stains but a lot of other things.

5. Daily vacuum

One and the only way to ease off the cleaning task is to vacuum. Experts recommend vacuuming the carpets every week. Be it the shoe dirt or paper scraps, twigs, crumbs or, pine needles, the carpet hides nothing with vacuuming. A daily vacuum will resolve the burden of regular hovering and you can book a cleaning schedule with cleaning specialists. Vacuuming reduces the wear and tear of the carpets. This ensures a gleaming clean office space and pristine premises irrespective of the flooring you have. Regular vacuuming of heavy traffic areas can help to extend the life of your office carpets.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

If you wish to keep your carpets clean and spotless, follow these do’s and don’ts to extend the lifespan of your carpets:

  • Shift your furniture once in a while as they are heavy enough to sag into the carpets creating marks and accumulating dirt.
  • Ensure if they have sound absorption features.
  • Make it necessary to place floor protectors under the office chairs.
  • Use DIY techniques to treat stains on the spot and dry it using towels.
  • You can maintain a clean carpet by leaving your shoes at the door. If necessary, invest in an indoor pair of shoes or slippers.
  • Using the wrong vacuum can result in the accumulation of dirt and dust in carpet fibers.
  • Use the right approach depending on the type of stain
  • Prioritize to properly care for the cleaning equipment. Disinfect all the brushes and nozzles that interfere with the cleaning process.
  • Go for quality commercial carpets for longer life expectancy.


Carpets might feel nice when you are walking on them but when it comes to stains, they have a major problem of letting stains go. When it comes to major stains, always do a patch test with the stain remover on a corner of the carpet. This reduces any potential damage to the carpet.  Be sure to use as little as possible cleaning liquids over the carpets. It is important to have regular cleaning and maintenance to keep up the original state of light carpets. You need to identify the best practices that keep your carpet fresh in the long run.

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