White or light carpets make the room look large and add the appeal to its surfaces to give it a fresh and airy look. With the choice of white carpeting, you can make the most of your workspace. The light carpeting brings sleekness and dynamism to your professional area which is sure to win the hearts of your visitors and clients.


Our team of efficient workers understands your needs to the core. The maintenance of a light office market is no less than a disaster. No number of doormats are enough to protect your carpeting from dirt or coffee spills. So, our dedicated cleaners make it easy for you to maintain your pristine reputation. Let’s take a look at the 5 important tips to maintain your light office carpets.

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Place your carpet selectively

If you are planning to install light carpets, don’t cover the entire premises. Carefully and selectively choose the places to put your carpet. Avoid the corridors, entrances, or kitchen rooms. You can install them in key areas like meeting rooms or conference halls to reap the significant advantages.

Install doormats

Muddy boots are capable to spell disaster on your white carpeting. You can install sturdy doormats at the entrances. Boot scrapers outside the premises will also be helpful to avoid the mess of dirty visible tracks.

Easy accessibility of stain remover

No matter the precautions, you can’t prevent the stains. So, it is better to treat them as soon as possible. Stock your office with a good number of stain removers and equipment to get rid of the spatters.

Rent the professionals

A regular cleaning every six months will make your light carpet look as shiny as possible. You can choose steam cleaning for thorough cleaning. Calling a professional or a carpet cleaning specialist is another approach to achieve the same.

Daily vacuum

One and the only way to ease off the cleaning task is to vacuum. Be it the shoe dirt or paper scraps, twigs, crumbs or, pine needles, the carpet hides nothing. A daily vacuum will resolve the burden of regular hoovering and you can book a cleaning schedule with our specialist today. We ensure a gleaming clean office space and pristine premises irrespective of the flooring you have.

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