Revamp your house with Exterior House Washing in Sunshine coast

Bored with the dull look of your house? Stained and Colour faded walls stopping you from inviting your friends for dinners? With Ozclean’s exterior house cleaning in Sunshine coast, you get to fix all these at once. Our expert cleaners remove the dirt and mould that gets build up making it look brand new. We clear out all your gutters, pergolas, stairs, decks, roofs, exterior, fascia and eaves. You can avail of our services any time of the day, we offer same day services and also get free quotes on reaching out to us.


Why Choose Us?

We make sure to revamp your house, making it look fresh as new. You will not have to get your property re-painted with a lot more expense. With us, you get to hire a fully equipped team of expert cleaners.

We make sure that our services are affordable and can be accessed by everyone who wants to upgrade their living space brand new. You also get free quotes from us on reaching out to us.

Our clients and their satisfaction are all that Ozclean stands for. Our services can be availed at any time of the day. We do not charge you any extra charges for booking an appointment on weekends. 

House washing in Sunshine Coast with reasonable quotes

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Exterior House Wash experience at its best

We make sure our cleaners are experts in their profession in order to deliver you the best cleaning experiences. Our machinery and equipment specially designed and engineered to provide you with the best results in no time. 

Pressure Cleaning and Soft Cleaning

Soft Wash Cleaning

Get prepared for your exterior house wash

1. Evaluate your living space.

Understand the state of your living space before we arrive to clean your property. Identify which areas are the most affected, which are not. Also, let us know if there are areas that require any sort of special attention.

2. Remove delicate or hazardous objects.

It is recommended that you replace any sorts of fragile, delicate, or hazardous objects before the cleaning starts. We do take special care of your property but it is still recommended that you take precautionary measures.

Upgrade your home brand new with Ozclean’s Pressure washing services.

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Frequently asked questions

No. Our exterior house cleaners ensure that your home looks just as fresh as new. You will not have to spend your money repainting your house again. 

The total cost for getting an exterior house washing depends upon the size of the property. You can avail of our “Free Quote” service if you want to know the exact charge for getting your house washed. All you need to do is reach out to us.

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