Do You Know The Life Expectancy of Your Mattress? And When Do You Need A New Mattress?

One of the most critical aspects of human health is sleep and It is difficult to ignore the value of a supportive and comfortable mattress. You will spend about a third of your life in bed, and it depends on a good mattress whether you get a night of restful sleep or restless tossing and turning. Even the best mattresses can wear out over time, so how long do you expect your mattress to last?

The average mattress should last between seven and ten years. However, there are plenty of factors that can affect mattress life. The mattress’s original build quality, the materials used, and even the weight and sleeping types of the sleepers may all have an impact on how long a bed lasts.

Mattresses, of course, do not have an actual “expiration date.” It is up to the person to determine when a new bed is needed. We sometimes get so used to our beds that we don’t even feel there’s a problem.

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The lifetime of a mattress is determined by several factors, including:

Durability Of A Pillowtop Mattress

Although it is advised that you replace your mattress every seven to ten years on average, mattresses like the top pillow mattress will last much longer, particularly if properly cared for.

A pillow-top mattress has a sheet of extra soft cushioning added to the mattress’s top.

As a result, it necessitates more specialized treatment and consideration, lest it fails before the age of seven. The life of these mattresses can be extended by changing the pressure points regularly. Also, make sure to cover the plush top and keep it tidy at all times.

Vacuum the mattress regularly to extract skin chips, dust mites, and other particles and ensure it lasts at least seven years. The cushy pillow mattress top-up can also be cleaned by the vacuum pump. Often, rotate the mattress at least once a month and turn it in every three months.

Pillow-top mattresses will last anywhere from four to seven years, depending on an individual’s size and weight, the number of individuals who use the bed, and the owners’ cleaning and maintenance policies.

How Long Can A Tempurpedic Mattress Be Kept?

The density of a mattress is its most important feature. This very same density is also accountable for these mattresses’ long-term longevity. There are lots of open cells in these mattresses and small balloons with big holes inside them.

It’s important to recognize that the thicker the foam, the more cells there are in the mattress.

Tempurpedic mattresses are estimated to have high densities of 5.34 pounds per square foot.

Densely packed Tempurpedic foam is made up of a couple of billions of cells that are closely packed adjacent to one another, resulting in a dense mass. Some low-density foams, on the other hand, contain fewer cells.

Low-density foam cells attract and repel air more quickly than high-density foam cells. Since high-density Tempurpedic cells are less stressed, they last longer than low-density foams. It’s not unusual for these mattresses to last the whole ten-year warranty cycle.

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The Longevity Of Memory Foam Mattresses

Mattresses, like everything else, wear out. The concern is whether or not a foam mattress has a specific lifetime. The longevity of your foam mattress is entirely determined by how you care about it. Aside from the cleaning, the consistency of the material used to construct the mattress is also important. Memory Foam mattresses can last anywhere from ten to fifteen years, which is far longer than the normal mattress lifetime. Even though they will last this long, seven years can not be extended until considering a new mattress if you want to have the best sleeping experience. Memory foam mattresses are, without a doubt, some of the most durable mattresses on the market.

And, if one or more of the following conditions occur, you should replace your mattress:

If you clean your mattress by yourself or even with the help of a professional cleaning service and still your bed is not helping you in getting a night of good sleep, then it is time to change it. There’s no surest way to tell if it’s time for a new bed, but if you’re thinking about it, it’s probably worth it to invest sooner rather than later.

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